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  • Cover of Azealia Banks Goes On Mini Twitter Rant About Iggy/Snoop Beef & T.I.
    Azealia Banks treads familiar territory today, as she goes on a mini Twitter rant about T.I., "urban media" and "white media," among other things.
  • Cover of 140 Bars Or Less: Tweets Of The Week (October 11)
    The good news is that this week saw the release of Flying Lotus' You're Dead and Tinashe Aquarius. One is arguably one of the top three albums of the year and the other is a really good R&B album. But good music doesn't stop the world. As such, rappers have to continue to do rapper things.
  • Cover of Azealia Banks Released From Universal Music Group
    Azealia Banks' career has been stagnating lately, as she hasn't released any new music since last October and often seems more focused on starting Twitter beef than working on albums.
  • Cover of T.I. Explains Why He Responded To Azealia Banks
    T.I.'s "No Mediocre" has all the markings of a hit. A steal-drum DJ Mustard beat, a feature from the chart-topping Iggy Azalea, and most recently, a beef. Azealia Banks, major label casualty and notorious Twitter troll took to her favorite social media service to call T.I.
  • Cover of Azealia Banks Disses T.I. & Tiny Over "No Mediocre," Tiny Responds [Update: Azealia Sends More Shots, T.I. Responds]
    Azealia Banks is back to her old ways, taking to Twitter to air her thoughts on T.I.'s new single "No Mediocre" (before later deleting the tweet).
  • Cover of 10 Most Infamous Catfights In Hip-Hop
    Beefs between rappers in hip hop are nothing new. Through the years we’ve seen infamous rivalries in the rap world, the most prominent being 2Pac and The Notorious B.I.G’s East Coast/West Coast feud and perhaps the Jay Z and Nas New York rap war.
  • Cover of Azealia Banks Claims She's "The Best Female In Hip-Hop"
    Azealia Banks is back at it again. She knows exactly what buttons to push to make controversy on Twitter. Following her recent rant against Universal Records, where she begged someone from Sony to take over her deal, she's been on Twitter today declaring herself as the best female rapper in the game.
  • Cover of Azealia Banks Furiously Trashes Universal And 'Begs' To Be Dropped
     She's no stranger to controversy and, indeed, she's quite famously outspoken, but Azealia Banks caused a particularly big splash today when she released a string of twitter posts targeting her current label, Universal, notably referring to them "as a group of old white guys," who don't understand the first thing
  • Cover of Azealia Banks Calls Out Pharrell For Not Supporting "ATM JAM"
    Azealia Banks is back in the news for her usual Twitter antics. This time Azealia took aim at Pharrell for his lack of support on her Broke With Expensive Taste single "ATM JAM."
  • Cover of Azealia Banks Says That Her & Kanye West "Are Like The Same Person"
    Azealia Banks is always one to start controversy, so we're not sure if that's what she is looking to do with the latest quotes from a recent interview with ELLE Magazine.
  • Cover of Azealia Banks Ends Set During First Song After Fan Throws Beer Can At Her
    Azealia Banks hasn't had a great experience at the Australian Listen Out festival so far. The rapper narrowly dodged a beer bottle thrown at her during her appearance in Sidney last weekend, and suffered a similar incident last night at the Melbourne date.
  • Cover of Azealia Banks Shares "Broke With Expensive Taste" Tracklist
    We haven't heard from the usually controversial Azealia Banks in awhile now, as she preps for the release of her debut album Broke With Expensive Taste. The project doesn't have a release date yet, but Azealia gave fans a preview of the tracklist on Instagram.
  • Cover of A$AP Rocky Calls Controversy Around His Lipstick Comments "Petty", Talks Jason Collins
    A$AP has received a considerable amount of criticism for his comments in The Coveteur.
  • Cover of Azealia Banks Deletes All Tweets, Turns Over Account
    Azealia Banks has caused many a controversy through her lack of social media filter. Banks has used her account to start beef with countless artists and celebrities such as Baauer, Perez Hilton, Angel Haze, Rita Ora and most recently A$AP Rocky.
  • Cover of Azealia Banks Offended By A$AP Rocky's "Lipstick" Comment, Says He Needs To "Come Out The Closet" [Update: Azealia Accuses Rocky Of Having A Relationship With A Man From Harlem]
    Azealia Banks is no stranger to controversy, and many of the ones she's been involved in have sparked from the rapper running her mouth on twitter.
  • Cover of Nicki Minaj Delays Summer Tour & Encourages Female Emcees To Maintain Their Dignity
    In a recent interview with MTV News, Nicki Minaj revealed that she's too busy with business ventures and preparation for her third album to set out on her usual summer tour. She hasn't taken a real break from the road since 2010."I really would love to, but I don't
  • Cover of Kendrick Lamar, 2 Chainz, & Azealia Banks Among Hip-Hop Artists In Lollapalooza's 2013 Line-Up [Update: Official Line-Up Revealed]
    This year's Lollapalooza line-up apparently leaked online last night, in the form of a snapshot from a magazine ad. The line-up was supposed to be revealed on April 9th.
  • Cover of Azealia Banks Starts Beef With Rita Ora Over Jelly Sandals
    Azealia Banks has once again lashed out on Twitter against a fellow artist. The female rapper has quite an appetite for beef, having previously taken shots at Angel Haze, Perez Hilton, and Iggy Azalea, to name only a few.The latest female artist to be in Azealia's line of fire is Roc Nation's Rita Ora.
  • Cover of Jim Jones Reveals He Had "Harlem Shake" Beat For A Year
    The newest internet phenomenon of the "Harlem Shake" has almost reached it's end (we can hope), but before that, Jim Jones puts in a word concerning Baauer's electronic hit.During an interview with Jenny Boom Boom, Jim Jones spoke on "Harlem Shake" and revealed that original song actually featured him.
  • Cover of Azealia Banks Releases E-mail From Baauer Over "Harlem Shake (Remix)"
    The beef between Azealia Banks and producer Baauer continues to unfold, with Azealia's former friend and collaborator Diplo getting into the mix the other day.
  • Cover of Azealia Banks Berates Diplo Via Twitter Over Her "Harlem Shake" Remix
    After another Twitter spat with Perez Hilton last week, Azealia Banks has publicly stirred the pot again, this time calling out friend and collaborator Diplo over the recent 'Harlem Shake' remix fiasco.
  • Cover of Azealia Banks Beefs With Baauer & Perez Hilton, Uses Homophobic Slur Again
    Azealia Banks can't seem to stay away from Twitter drama. The young female rapper has somewhat of a reputation when it comes to beefing and talking shit on Twitter, and she is showing no signs of slowing down.
  • Cover of Azealia Banks Announces "Yung Rapunxel" As First Single
     "Miss Amor" will no longer be the first single for Azealia Banks. Azealia Banks has decided to change things up and go in a different direction for the first single to her upcoming debut album Broke With Expensive Taste.
  • Cover of Azealia Banks Mixtape Cover Art
    It appears Azealia Banks isn't quitting the rap game after all.  She went on twitter and posted the cover art for her upcoming mixtape Fantasea, which has been pushed back from July 4th to July 11th.  See the cover art below.    
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