Azealia Banks is trending on Twitter while fans discuss the singer's influence after hearing Beyoncé's "Break My Soul" and Drake's Honestly, Nevermind. Both artists' new sounds see them experimenting with house music, a trend fans online are saying Banks started.

"Azealia Banks is and will ALWAYS be ahead of the pack," one user wrote while sharing a clip from the music video for "Anna Wintour." "Her influence is undeniable. I mean, look at that Drake breathing, look at that Beyoncé being a brunette. Quit hating on my girl, she has influenced every single artist out there. You can’t deny it."

Azealia Banks, Beyonce
Cassandra Hannagan / Getty Images

Not everyone on the site was in agreement. Another user wrote: "I promise everytime someone does house music yall do not have to bring up Azealia Banks !!!!"

"I just know Azealia Banks is somewhere writing a whole 4 page letter about Beyoncé and Drake," someone joked.

Beyoncé released "Break My Soul" at midnight, last night, ahead of her first solo album since 2016, Renaissance. In the year's since, the legendary singer has stayed busy by working on the soundtrack to the 2019 film, The Lion King, as well as a collaborative album with her husband, Jay-Z, in Everything is Love. Her upcoming project is scheduled to drop on July 29.

Drake's Honestly, Nevermind was released, last week, to mixed responses from fans and critics alike. The album comes less than a year after his last full-length effort, Certified Lover Boy.

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