Well, this is a first. Though known for engaging in severe self-destruction and starting beef with just about everyone on earth, Azealia Banks is not one to take responsibility and reflect on the outrageous remarks she makes that often start these feuds in the first place. However, she seems to be turning over a new leaf, since she apologized on Monday for her rant about Frank Ocean and pre-exposure prophylaxis medications from a few weeks ago. Following the launch of Frank Ocean's PrEP+ club night last month, which he described as what the New York City nightlife scene in the 80s and 90s would have been like if the HIV-preventative medication had existed back then, Azealia Banks lashed out on Instagram live about how "evil" Frank was for hosting the event. Calling Frank a "dumbass" for promoting HIV-prevention medication to gay men "like it's something that [they] need," Azealia warned her gay male followers not to take "that PrEP shit." She insists several times that "it's not that serious," and concludes the rant by insisting that gay men just "be responsible" so that they won't have to take "a f**king pill so you can just f**k whoever you wanna f**k and just be all kinds of nasty out there on the streets acting a f**king fool." Watch the rant below, beginning at 1:08.

The execution of her views on the matter was definitely unnecessarily aggressive and came off ignorant, and her position on PrEP seemed to be missing some crucial perspective and education on the purpose of the drug. It seems she realized this herself recently, since she made an official retraction of the opinions she expressed in the rant. "I am just doubling back to say......I'm sorry😞," she wrote. "It's not my place. It was extremely insensitive. Who cares if I meant well, that wasn't the way. I'm really really sorry." There was no indication that she was apologizing to Frank as well, although she wasn't the only person to criticize his PrEP party. Still, taking accountability is always a good sign, and she appears to have really learned from her mistakes this time.