Although Azealia Banks vowed to never do another interview after her Billboard cover story did not go to her liking, that's a difficult promise to keep when you're an artist and your whole job is basically to be in the press. She recently found her way back into the media with an NME interview, wherein she revealed she's working on her second studio album.

The Harlemite revealed her sophomore album, Business and Pleasure, is already half-way finished. The follow-up to her debut, Broke With Expensive Taste, is due out sometime in 2016. While talking to NME, Banks also spoke on her tendency to involve herself in social media beef. It sounds like she's going to calm down on that front, saying, "Am I hanging up my fighting gloves? Yeah. I’m a lady. I don’t wanna be dealing with that. Now, when you feel the adrenaline going, you stop yourself. I’m done with that. I’ve done it already. You’ve seen me curse people out. Let’s do something else now."

We'll keep you posted on Business and Pleasure.