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A.V is an inspired Artist created by his surroundings. Living thru his music, creating thru his circumstances. Most Influenced by Tupac and his philosophy. He is driven to succeed simultaneously having fun. A.V.’s current music talks about his swagger his relationships his fantasies and a lot of his reality. His music is diverse relating to the streets, the parties he attends, and what happens in them. . A.V. rap artist, music producer, writer, battle rapper ready to do it all waiting for no one. A born leader not waiting for his turn merely taking it. A connoisseur of lyrics with the ability to take his art and love of Music to a new level. He can take any style of music and make it his own. His vision is incredible and inspiring. Originally he was a Battle Rapper making his mark in places where he could hone his skills, mainly known for his battles in the Pitt. His drive for success allowed him to see, that to make a living at doing something he loved he would have to expand from just battling and winning monetary Rap Wars to becoming an all around Independent Artist. A.V. was born Neshawn McCuien in Compton, Ca. Growing up, A.V. was hardened by the many difficult experiences he was put through. Growing up the oldest of six children in a single parent home, he was forced to be the father that he and his siblings didn’t have as a result of absent father. Which sparked a creative side of him as an outlet of things he was going thru. Being in the street so much everyone nicknamed him A.V. Shorten for Avenue. A.V. is one of the main members from a movement started by him and others. LMKR (label me, Krack- rated) which was invented when three crews (label me bomb, Krack City Ent., and X-rated) all got together and started making music together. LMKR members are young artists, models, photographers, students etc. The reason they are so successful is that they all share the same hunger and passion, and they all have the same desire to be successful. The movement is now 5000+ strong and continuously growing.


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