Last night, following the sudden death of A$AP Mob's co-founder A$AP Yams, A$AP Ferg paid tribute to his brother and leader by holding a moment of silence during his show with YG. Following the show in the DMV, our host Baker sat down with an interview with Ferg, who was obviously still reeling from the death of his friend. 

Ferg opened the interview by addressing the death of Yams. "We had a tragedy happen today, earlier this morning, the co-founder of A$AP Worldwide, Yams, my brother, he passed away. You know we got through it with the show and all that, but I'm still hurting," the rapper told us. He added later on, "I wanna say rest in peace Yams. We will never forget you and shit. We gon' represent A$AP til we die."

While the "Trap Lord" could have easily cancelled on our interview given the circumstances, he stuck with us and chopped it up about his recent mixtape Ferg Forever, touring with YG and collaborating with Ariana Grande. Plus we get some Ja Rule talk in there too. Can't forget Ja. 

Speaking on working with Ariana Grande, which may have come to a surprise to some, Ferg said, "They sent me like two songs to do. The first song was the shit that Childish Gambino was on, I put a verse on that. The second one was "Hands on Me." They kept "Hands on Me" and they put Childish Gambino on the other. I guess they felt he suit that one better. She's cool, we did performances and stuff together. You know she's Big Sean's girl, and Big Sean is like a brother to me, so it's like a big family when we get together and turn up."

When discussing how the collaboration might have seemed unlikely, Ferg added, "Everything is turning into one big ass genre now. 'Cause it's blurred lines between EDM, hip-hop, rock, whatever, we all jumping on each other's shit and making it a big event."

Watch the full interview below, where he also discusses spending one week touring with YG. We're sending our condolences to the whole A$AP family. R.I.P. Yams.