Over the last few years, we've seen A$AP Ferg grow from the scene-stealing feature on A$AP Rocky's "Kissin' Pink" to a full fledged star, but according to Ferg, his growth is far from complete. We spoke to the Harlem rapper about his upcoming sophomore album, which is coming sooner than you might think, as well as the influence of A$AP Yams on his artistic confidence.

"Man, I'm a perfectionist. I've got a lot of songs done, but I don't know if they're all right yet," said Ferg of his Trap Lord follow-up, before revealing that the project is still coming relatively soon. "It's gonna be out before the summer probably. Probably a couple months, couple weeks, I just really want to put it out, I don't want to talk too much about it."

One thing the "Doe-Active" rapper is sure of is that fans will enjoy the final product. "I know that people are gonna love this album. There's a lot of growth. The substance is there, the lyrics are there. Sonically, we just took it to another level," he explained. 

Ferg went on to describe the different circumstances that informed this album versus his debut. "When I was doing Trap Lord I was stuck in Harlem. I'd never been nowhere. It came from a depressed state. It came from shit that I was seeing, and that I grew up seeing," he shared. "The next album is basically going to be the growth from that. I've been around the world two or three times already. I'm fortunate for that shit, and I'm gonna talk about a lot of the experiences. You're just gonna have to wait for the rest."

The spirit of A$AP Yams still hangs heavy over Ferg and his A$AP counterparts, he explained in closing. "Yams is truly an angel. Angels are people that God sent to earth to complete a mission, and Yams completed his mission by getting us all on," said the rapper. "If it wasn't for Yams, I wouldn't be rapping. I thought rapping was corny... but the way ASAP did it, we did it in a real way, a very organic way, a very stylish way, and we're on our way. That's thanks to Yams."

Watch the full interview, as well as our recent tour of Ferg's favorite Bodega in Harlem below.