A$AP Mob have taken the month of August and turned it into AWGEST. The Harlem-based crew have taken the month to drop projects from the Mob. Earlier this month, they dropped Twelvyy's project and annnounced that it would be followed by a project from A$AP Ferg and another one from the Mob. While we await for Cozy Tapes Vol 2 to drop, the anticipation for A$AP Ferg's Still Striving tape has been very high. Along with releasing a bunch of singles prior to its release, he recently dropped the tracklist which had a slew of incredible featured artist. While the project is about to drop at midnight, Ferg dropped the first episode of his "Still Striving Vlog."

The vlog itself strings together clips of him in the studio and on stage performing. It opens up with him sitting next to Twelvyy saying "if these kids out here is dropping some bullshit and niggas is goin' for it and they gettin' the opportunities, like we are overthinkin' it for real. We are over qualified." The video, shot in black and white, almost comes across as more of a promotional video for the record than a vlog. It's an interesting inside look in the world of Ferg. While he's been on a pretty hectic press run recently, this has probably been the most intimate look into how he's been working.

Following a clip of him performing, he's seen talking again on his tour bus detailing what he did before the "Work Remix" took off and his debut album hit shelves. He details where he was at while Rocky was starting to take off.

"Even when "Kissin Pink'" was out and I was doin' work, I had no money. On tour with Drake, everybody. I had no money." Ferg says, "What I do? I had to print 'Trap Lord' shirts and sell 'em off the bus."

The build up to his mixtape and this vlog specifically is a testament to the work he's been putting in for a long time. Ferg has been one of the most promising members out of the Mob and Rocky called it early. With Still Striving dropping at midnight, we're definitely excited to hear what Ferg does on this project.