Cipha Sounds Is Leaving HOT 97

HOT 97 has been a presence in New York hip hop culture for decades, and the many of the on-air personalities and DJs have been around since the 90s. So far, within the last year, we've seen the...

  • Cipha Sounds Is Leaving HOT 97
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    HOT 97 has been a presence in New York hip hop culture for decades, and the many of the on-air personalities and DJs have been around since the 90s. So far, within the last year, we've seen the departure of beloved talents like Angie Martinez and Mister Cee, and as of today, yet another OG in the radio game is bidding the station farewell. Cipha Sounds has decided to part ways with HOT 97,...
  • Listen To Rihanna, Kanye West & Paul McCartney's New Song, "FourFiveSeconds"
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    We've been hearing about this record for a minute now, and Rihanna has decided to drop it out of the blue on her website today. For now, you'll have to head there to listen to the acoustic guitar-led record. Early reports suggested that the song would land on the Kanye record, but the fact that it showed up on RiRi's site rather than Ye's suggested it may have jumped ship to R8.The song is...
  • Gorillaz Creator Confirms Group's Return
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    In their heyday, pseudo-cartoon band Gorillaz collaborated with rappers from Del Tha Funkee Homosapien to Snoop Dogg to Andre 3000, and now it looks like they'll be returning after a hiatus. The "band," actually just the brainchild of illustrator Jamie Hewlett and Blur's Damon Albarn, have been absent since 2011's The Fall, but yesterday, Hewlett posted some new Gorillaz artwork on his...
  • A$AP Rocky Speaks On His Role In The New Film "Dope"
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    By now, you probably know that A$AP Rocky has a role in the independent film "Dope," and that the film sold for $7 million following a successful showing at Sundance Film Festival. Now, Rocky has spoken on his role in the film, as well as his desire to keep acting, in a new interview with The New York Times. Read excerpts from the interview below.  NYT: You were really good in...
  • 140 Bars Or Less: Tweets Of The Week (January 30)
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    Big Sean dropped some heat. Meek Mill dropped some heat. Kanye West? Eh. He was lukewarm, but at least he's still dropping new material. Still, it wasn't too bad of a week for hip-hop, which helps since the we're probably going to be shaking our fists at whatever goes down at the Grammys. That's not until Feb. 8. For now, let's enjoy the week with 140 Bars Or Less.
  • A$AP Rocky To Make Acting Debut In "Dope," Produced By Pharrell & Diddy [Update: Sony Buys Film For $7 Million]
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    A$AP Rocky already has one foot apiece in the worlds of fashion and music, and now he's branching out even further. His next venture is acting, as he has a supporting role in "Dope," an indie film produced in part by Pharrell and Diddy that will premiere at the Sundance Film Festival this weekend.  The Rick Famuyiwa-directed flick tells of a music geek living in Inglewood in the '90s,...
  • Kanye Speaks About His Split With Nike, New Role With Adidas
    Kanye West went on The Ellen Show today to talk about a number of topics, including his departure from Nike and his new role with Adidas. No, Yeezy didn't deliver any news regarding the much anticipated 'Yeezi 3', but he did take the opportunity to give some insight into his time spent with The Swoosh.Kanye used phrases like 'lack of oxygen' and 'suffocation' in describing his partnership with...
  • 2 Chainz Wants To Run For Mayor Of College Park, Georgia
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    By now, it's a well-known fact that 2 Chainz, despite whatever personality comes across in his music, is a very smart dude. He graduated Alabama State University with a 4.0 GPA, and just last week was seen schooling Nancy Grace in a debate on marijuana. Now, the rapper has revealed that he has political aspirations, namely a desire to be the mayor of his hometown.  Speaking to XXL, Tity 2...
  • Converse Files Lawsuit Against Ralph Lauren, Forces Them To Destroy 36 Different Sneakers
    The iconic canvas and rubber sneakers that have become synonymous with Converse have been duplicated and replicated by many brands, a practice that Converse is not fond of. The Nike-owned brand is now seeking retribution, filing a trademark infringement lawsuit against several brands including Sketchers, New Balance, Wal-Mart and Ralph Lauren.While most brands are still debating how to handle the...
  • NYPD Confiscated 21 Guns From Bobby Shmurda & GS9, Say They're Responsible For 24 Shootings [Update: Official Charges Released]
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    As details continue to emerge in the case of Bobby Shmurda & GS9, it looks even more grim for their chances of getting out of this unscathed. Their indictment is now underway, and thanks to some tweets from people inside the courtroom, we're now getting a better picture of the case. First off, Channel 4 reporter Andrew Siff gives us a picture of the 21 guns that were taken from Shmurda and...
  • NBA All-Star 3-Point Competition Participants Announced
    Stephen Curry has been a participant in the NBA's 3-Point Contest for three years and, shockingly, he's never won. Curry came close in 2010, but was bested by the crafty veteran, Paul Pierce. He hasn't gotten out of the first round since. Salty, and undeterred, Chef Curry has announced that he'll be back in the shootout next month and he won't stop until he wins.  Steph Curry on competing in...
  • Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel Have A Baby On The Way
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    Justin Timberlake had a pretty admirable run as a bachelor, but he decided to settle down with actress Jessica Biel a couple years back, and today, the two announced that they're expecting their first child. As seems to be the standard these days, Timberlake took to Instagram to display his wife's baby bump, leaving the sex of the child up in the air. Today also happened to be the singer's...
  • 10 Players We Want In The Dunk Contest Instead Of Mason Plumlee
    The participants for this year's Sprite Slam Dunk were unveiled earlier this week; for the most part an impressive field of high-flying basket assailants. Human springboard Victor Oladipo will join lanky midair contortionist Giannis Antetokounmpo, odds-on favorite Zach LaVine...and Mason Plumlee. Sure, Plumlee is technically capable of forcing the ball into the cylinder with his hands, but there...
  • NBA All Star Rosters Announced
    The 2015 NBA All-Star starters were officially announced last week, with Stephen Curry taking home the most votes of any player. Tonight, the NBA on TNT crew announced the reserves that will be joining the starters in New York City next month. Two guards, three front court players, and two wildcard players were added to each roster- here's out it all shook out.   Easter Conference: Starters-...
  • Mariah Carey Signs With EPIC Records, Reunites With L.A. Reid
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    Mariah Carey did not have the best 2014. Despite releasing a solid late career record, the iconic singer experienced a record low in album sales, with Me. I Am Mariah…The Elusive Chanteuse still sitting at just over 100,000 sold. She also split with husband and father to her children Nick Cannon, but she's ready to start a new page with a new deal, which pairs her once again with...
  • Lil Wayne's "Sorry 4 The Wait 2" By The Numbers
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    By now you've probably downloaded Lil Wayne's Sorry 4 The Wait 2 mixtape, and you've likely given it a listen or two and added it to your phone/iTunes catalogue. With Tha Carter V heavily delayed, Weezy felt the need to say "sorry for the wait." Fans were more than willing to accept the apology, as it came in the form of a free mixtape. More than just giving us Sorry 4 The Wait 2,...
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