• Toronto Rapper Derek Wise Arrested For Human Trafficking
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    Derek Wise, real name, Derek Bissue, hasn't really had his break as a rapper yet, and if these charges stick, it'll definitely put a halt on his come up. We actually featured the Toronto native quite recently, with his record "LAKE." The rapper also has a connection to The Weeknd's XO crew, appearing in the music video for "King of the Fall." Just as he was garnering buzz, he's been arrested...
  • Kid Cudi Lashes Out At Chuck Inglish For Leaking Old Record
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    Over the weekend, an unreleased track from Kid Cudi & King Chip, who went by the duo The Almighty GloryUS, was leaked onto the internet Friday night by the song’s producers Chuck Inglish & Blended Babies. While many Cudder fans were extremely happy and pleased with this unreleased 2010 collab, the man who made it wasn’t AT ALL! Taking to Twitter Monday morning, Kid Cudi...
  • Rich Homie Quan Reveals Release Date For Rich Gang's "Tha Tour Part 2" & New EP Due Out January
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    Last week quite a bit of Rich Homie Quan music hit the net, some of which was released officially, and some of which was leaked. In addition to his "Blah Blah Blah" remix, we got eight records the rapper did with frequent collaborator Young Thug, reportedly for Tha Tour Part 2, plus a Drake-featured song (and the plot thickens: that Drizzy verse has now landed on OB OBrien's "Schemin'...
  • Tyga Reveals "Gold Album" Artwork
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    We all know that Tyga's a huge fan of Ancient Egyptian culture. Maybe it's the fact that he once dropped $20,000 on an Egyptian tomb, or his pharaoh-inspired Last Kings hats, but suffice it to say that T-Raww's an Egyptophile. Today, he's revealed the artwork for his upcoming album The Gold Album, and lo and behold, it's an image of Horus, the Egyptian god of the sun, war and protection. What's...
  • Iggy Azalea Responds To Azealia Banks Emotional Interview On Hot 97
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    Yesterday you may have seen the interview with Azealia Banks on Hot 97, where she got pretty emotional mid-way when discussing racism and the appropriation of black culture, particularly in relation to hip-hop. This was brought on by a discussion of Iggy Azalea, Azealia's nemesis. While Azealia may get a tad too emotional during this discussion, it just proves how passionate she is about these...
  • Migos & Bobby Shmurda Announce "Shmigo Gang" Mixtape
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    Migos and Bobby Shmurda both had pretty big years, with Bobby earning his big breakthrough, while Quavo, Takeoff, and Offset polished their formula, and strengthened their healthy fanbase. Another thing the acts shared in common was an extremely catchy take on street rap, so it makes sense that they've decided to join forces in the new year. A tweet from Migos reveals that they will be releasing...
  • Spike Lee Wants Drake & Kevin Hart To Star In "School Daze" Sequel
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    We've already learned a lot of things we weren't supposed to from the recent Sony email leak, and as the massive amount of information is sorted through, we keep getting new updates. The latest tidbit scooped from the leak is that Spike Lee is seeking out Drake and Kevin Hart as the stars of the already penned sequel to his 1988 classic "School Daze".Lee's agent discussed plans for "School Daze...
  • Kanye West Reportedly Spends $60,000 On Christmas Gifts For North West
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    Tis the season fam, and we all know how Kanye West likes to spoil those closest to him. Well according MTV UK, Kanye & Kim have dug deep into their pockets this holiday season and reportedly spent over $60,000 on just two Christmas presents for their baby daughter, North. Kanye reportedly spent over $50,000 on a diamond encrusted tiara, and $9400 on a matte-black SUV car, similar...
  • Mob Rule: A$AP Ferg Vs. A$AP Rocky?
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    The A$AP Mob isn’t really a mob, you know. “Mob” denotes unruliness, panic, chaos and lawlessness in an unorganized mass. Nothing could be farther from what this Harlem collective actually is, because the so-called “mob” has a leader. His name is A$AP Rocky and even though he wasn’t around for the founding of the group, he has served as the Mob’s...
  • 50 Cent Closes $78 Million Deal With Underwear Brand
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    Not that 50 really needs another business venture on his plate, but the rapper just locked down a deal with underbrand Frigo RevolutionWear for a reported $78 million. The music mogul let fans know via an Instagram post, and also spoke on it during a recent visit to Seth Meyers' late night show. 50 poked fun at us lowly people who aren't so business-minded with his post, "I just did a deal...
  • Action Bronson & Azealia Banks Go At It On Twitter
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    Both Azealia Banks and Action Bronson are known to be rather candid and outspoken when it comes to Twitter, and they just so happened to butt heads today. Following Banks' HOT 97 interview, where she spoke her mind about white appropriation of black culture, it seems that a fan of hers brought Bronson's name into the conversation. Action seemingly caught this so called "slander" in his mentions...
  • Fabolous Reveals Official Cover Art For "The Young OG Project" [Update: Tracklist Added]
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    Fabolous is prepared to give his fans a gift on Christmas day, with his Young OG Project slated to drop on December 25th. The New York spitter already dropped off an image for The Young OG Project when he first announced it, but he's decided to go with something a bit different for the final cover art. The Young OG Project has a little kid who resembles Loso (no surprise there, as it's...
  • Breakout Artists Of 2014
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    Last September, Young Thug was still struggling to get by, just as he had done all of his life. With a few tapes to his name, the rapper was without a deal or a substantial fanbase -- another faceless entity trying to make it in Atlanta's increasingly saturated hip-hop scene. That all changed for him in 2014. Now, he's been on top ten singles, performed on The Tonight Show, rejected numerous...
  • Fabolous Lists His Top 5 Reasons Why He Loves '90s Hip-Hop
    Fabolous is planning to take fans back to the '90s with his upcoming album The Young OG Project, due out on Christmas day. With the '90s era of hip-hop sitting heavy in his mind, we got Loso to reel off his top five reasons on why he loves the '90s. Much of what Fabolous mentions can still be found in hip-hop to this day, at least in some form or another, but their birth can be traced back...
  • Kanye West Signs Kacy Hill To G.O.O.D. Music?
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    Kanye West may have just expanded his G.O.O.D. Music roster by one. According to a few reliable sources, this 20 year old singer from Phoenix, Kacy Hill, is the newest member of G.O.O.D. Music. The news first broke a few days ago when Def Jam made a couple tweets about it, but apparently P&P just confirmed it today after they reached out to Kacy’s publicist. Kacy was a part time model and...
  • YG Says His Mom's A Crip, Covers "The Source" With Ty Dolla $ign & DJ Mustard
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    2014 hip hop wouldn't have been the same without Pushaz Ink -- the crew made up of DJ Mustard, YG, and Ty Dolla $ign. All three of the artists manage to infiltrate the radio, and influence those around them, and they always sounded best when they were working togethger. Of course, their reign is only just beginning, and they'll be giving us the scoop on their plans to build an empire in the...
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