• Mac Miller Speaks On Signing With Major Label, Confirms He's Working On New Album
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    Mac Miller surprised us when it was announced the once independent MC had taken his talents and his imprint to a major label. In fact, he signed a deal reportedly worth $10 million with Warner Bros. He made a brief statement at the time the deal was announced, giving us the following reason: "They have Prince."  Now, in an interview with The Fader while backstage at Camp Flog Gnaw, the...
  • First Week Sales For Big K.R.I.T.'s "Cadillactica"
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    Late last week, we heard that Big K.R.I.T.'s newly-released album Cadillactica was on pace to sell 35,000 to 40,000 copies in its first week, which isn't bad in 2014. Well, the official numbers are in now, and Krizzle's surpassed those expectations by a hair. He moved 42,302 units, beating his Live From The Underground sales by just over 1,000 copies. HDD reports that...
  • Quavo Calls Migos "The New Young Beatles In The Flesh"
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    "Migos > The Beatles." You've probably seen that statement, or others like it, on your Twitter feed in the past month or so. What started as a joke to piss off rockists has snowballed into an internet-wide movement, and one that's caught the ears of the ATL trio themselves. When we recently interviewed the group, we asked if the comparisons held any water, and Quavo could see some...
  • Allen Iverson Forces Nike To Cancel Upcoming Release
    A special edition Nike Zoom Flight 96 was scheduled to release this year, but Allen Iverson has made sure that it won't be happening. Two versions of the kicks, one Sixers style and the other sporting a Lakers theme, were schedule to release in the U.S. as part of a tribute to Iverson and Kobe's iconic 1996 draft class. The sneakers did drop overseas and at select shops, but now Iverson's...
  • Cash Money Sued For $1 Million Over Jay Sean Album "All Or Nothing"
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    Another day, another lawsuit directed towards Cash Money. This one's centered around Jay Sean, who has since parted ways with the label. Today it's being reported that some of the producers who worked on Jay Sean's All Or Nothing album under Cash Money are suing the label for the sum of $1 million. The lawsuit was filed by Orange Factory Music, who produced Jay Sean's 2009 single "Down" as...
  • Ray J Reportedly Made $50k From Kim Kardashian's Sex Tape Last Week
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    Whether or not Kim Kardashian's Paper Magazine "broke the internet" last week, it certainly came pretty damn close. Turns out, the cover also made an impact IRL, reportedly causing a spike in sales of Kim's infamous sex tape; "Kim K Superstar".That's right, people are still paying for video porn in the digital age, at least when it involves Kim Kardashian, and Ray Jay is reaping the benefits. On...
  • Kevin Durant Thinks Dwight Howard Is A 'P***Y'
    Kevin Durant was unable to help his team on the court last night as they put on an atrocious offensive display and fell to the Rockets, 69-65. That said, KD was still doing his best to help out his squad by getting in the head of Dwight Howard, repeatedly telling him 'You're a p***y. ' Of all the players in the NBA, Dwight Howard is always in the conversation when it comes to the biggest babies....
  • Tracklist, Cover Art & Release Date For Kevin Gates' "Luca Brasi 2"
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    Kevin Gates has been featured quite a bit on the site lately, as he's delivered a few new freestyles and singles. Yesterday we got his "I Don't Get Tired" anthem featuring New Orleans native August Alsina, a reference to his heavily-used hashtag #IDGT.  That single, as well as the previously-released "Out The Mud" will appear on the Baton Rouge native's upcoming...
  • Review: Big K.R.I.T.'s "Cadillactica"
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    A weird thing happens when an artist gets signed to a major label. It seems, no matter how talented they are, no matter how much their fans are willing to support, debut albums almost always come up short. There have been exceptions, of course. (Logic's Under Pressure being the most recent example.) But, more often than not, the curse of a major label signing is very real. Perhaps no record...
  • Wale & Jerry Seinfeld Cover Complex
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    Wale is currently prepping his new album, The Album About Nothing, in which Jerry Seinfeld has become heavily involved. Seinfeld, as you probably know, was the inspiration for Wale's acclaimed Mixtape About Nothing, so he's going back to his roots after The Gifted. The surprising pairing of Wale and Jerry Seinfeld landed the cover of Complex's December/January issue, where we get to see (and...
  • Pear Farmers Thank Rick Ross For The Shoutout
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    If you've been anywhere on the internet in the past month, you may have come across a now legendary vine of Rick Ross giving a shout out to "all the pear". The rapper has recently lost a ton of weight on his self-described "Ross-fit" diet, and was simply describing the benefits of his lifestyle change in the Tim Westwood interview. The quote has become quite a sensation, to the point that...
  • Two New Beyonce Songs Surface Online
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    Beyonce is just about ready to re-release her self-titled album Beyonce, but before it arrives next week the internet got their hands on a couple new leaks tonight called “7/11” & “Ring Off”. The tracks were given the snippet treatment earlier this week, but it was only a matter of time before both version got released. On “7/11”, Beyonce delivers a...
  • Review: Migos' "Rich Nigga Timeline"
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    For some reason or another, my timeline has recently been bombarded with a ton of Tweets and Instagram posts claiming that the Migos are better than The Beatles. As most logical rap fans can attest, there are definitely better ways to champion the trio as leaders of this new school in rap than to compare them with arguably the greatest group in the history of popular music. But as outrageous as...
  • Chris Brown Announces Three-Date Tour With August Alsina
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    Earlier this month, Chris Brown, Trey Songz and Tyga confirmed the huge "Between The Sheets Tour," which kicks off in January 2015. Before that, Breezy will be warming up with a mini-tour with August Alsina. From December 19th to 21st, two crooners will be performing three dates together on the "X Live Tour!" Below, check out Chris Brown's tweet announcing the news, as well as the...
  • 50 Cent Disses Diddy On Instagram, Later Deletes Post
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    It's clear that 50 Cent likes to take any chance he can get to throw some shade Diddy's way, but in entering the Vodka market, the rivalry may have just been taken to the next level. It appears that 50 Cent has partnered with Effen Vodka, and after promoting the beverage on his Instagram, it didn't take long for Curtis to diss his competition. 50 posted an image of Puff dancing with a larger...
  • "PRhyme Time" Remix Contest For Royce Da 5'9" & DJ Premier's "Courtesy"
    Music fans rejoiced when news broke that Royce Da 5'9" and DJ Premier were teaming up to create PRhyme, a rapper-producer duo as well as the title of their debut album together. With Royce's undeniable wordplay and Premier's adaptation of music from Adrian Younge's catalog and signature scratches, hip-hop enthusiasts are in for a treat, when the album drops on December 9th.  Before then,...
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