• Drake Changes Lyrics To "Energy," Seemingly Takes A Shot At Chris Brown
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    Drake and Chris Brown have had a weird relationship for a minute now. The two have had on-again-off-again beef, mainly over their respective on-again-off-again romances with Rihanna, but most recently, they've gotten into it over a pre-existing feud between Drake and Tyga. Chris wasn't really involved in the beef until a string of interviews over the weekend, where the singer made it clear...
  • #Omeeka: A History Of Meek Mill's Thirst For Nicki Minaj
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    It's just been announced that Meek Mill will support Nicki on the "Pinkprint" tour. Judging by his personality, Meek is no "opening act," but for Nicki, he'll gladly make an exception. In his own words, Nicki Minaj is "da best female ever". That tweet was from three years ago, and Meek's thirst goes back even further than that. Meek first tweeted about Nicki in October of 2009.  Now, it's...
  • Wiz Khalifa Doesn't See His Son On His Birthday, Gets Emotional On Twitter
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    Yesterday was the second birthday of Wiz Khalifa's son Sebastian, or Bash. Wiz began the day excited to celebrate with his son, tweeting: "we bout to party super hard for my young prince." Sadly, Wiz soon learned this was not going to be the case, and he tweeted a picture of the birthday party he had set up for his two-year-old son with the caption: "Only thing missing was Bash." Bash was with...
  • Kanye West Debuted "All Day" Live At The 2015 Brit Awards
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    The 2015 Brit Awards are going down right now, in London's O2 arena. For those of us who aren't habituated overseas, we've got a live stream of the entire event via YouTube. Kanye West made a return to the Brit Awards this year after taking a nine-year hiatus from the event, and he made sure his return was memorable by debuting the highly anticipated "All Day" single. The song was initially...
  • Juicy J's Rap Career Might Be Nearing An End
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    Last week's Juicy J mixtape, Blue Dream & Lean 2, was a treat for fans awaiting his upcoming album THC: The Hustle Continues. J begins the mixtape track "Don't Trust" saying THC will drop "sometime in July." Though Juice didn't release an album last year, he's been busy in other areas of the industry. In late 2011, Juicy J became a part-owner and A&R representative for Wiz Khalifa's Taylor...
  • Stream Big Sean's New Album "Dark Sky Paradise"
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    Big Sean's third commercial album, Dark Sky Paradise, is in stores and online today. It's safe to say the G.O.O.D. Music rapper's past album releases didn't exactly live up to the hype, however the hype for DSP seems to be working for Sean, not against him. While it may not be an instant classic, it's shaping up to be Big Sean's most cohesive project yet. Although a lot of fans heard the album...
  • Every Song Off Drake's "If You're Reading This It's Too Late" Is Charting On Billboard
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    Over the weekend, on Charts Don't Lie, we saw how basically half of Drake's new project was charting on Billboard's Hot 100. That alone seemed to be quite the feat, but Drake's now taken that a step further with EVERY song off IYRTITL charting on Billboard's Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart. Billboard reports how in addition to the ten songs that were already charting on the Hot...
  • OVO Hush Takes Shots At Tyga & Chris Brown
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    While you may never hear a reply from Drake if you diss him, OVO Hush seems to be more than willing to reply on Drizzy's behalf. A few months back, when the Drake vs. Tyga drama first kicked off, another OVO affiliate, Chubbs, took to Instagram to air out Tyga with an infamous clip of the rapper on MTV's defunct show "Bustas." With the beef renewed in light of Drake's subliminal jab at...
  • Madonna Loves The Drake Song She Inspired
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    Rappers seem to have a special affinity for the 56-year-old pop star Madonna. When asked about his "ultimate sexual fantasy" in a recent tumblr Q&A with fans, A$AP Rocky responded: "I JUST WANNA FUCK MADONNA OLD ASS B4 I DIE." Drake followed Rocky's lead, though less explicitly, by naming a song after her on his new mixtape If You're Reading This It's Too Late. In the song, Drake...
  • Kendrick Lamar Gave Michael Jackson's Son A Preview Of His New Album
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    Kendrick Lamar has been kind of stingy with sharing new music this year, leaking tracks off his untitled album sparingly. The two official singles he has shared, "i" and "The Blacker the Berry," are enough to get most of us hype for what's to come, and fiend for more (so the plan is working). It's safe to say that if Kendrick decided to give us an album preview, we'd...
  • Chris Brown Says He's Doesn't Mess With Drake
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    Collaborators Tyga and Chris Brown were guests on Hot 97's Ebro in the Morning, and things turned heated when they started discussing Drake. We're all aware that Breezy and Drake have had a tumultuous relationship in the past, however the two haven't been entangled in any beef for a minute (although Chris did call out Drake during his Karrueche rant the two months back). Recently the spotlight...
  • First Week Sales Projections For Big Sean's "Dark Sky Paradise", Tyga & Chris Brown's "Fan Of A Fan"
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    It's a big week in rap releases, with both Big Sean and the Chris Brown/Tyga project hitting stores this Tuesday. The projections are in, and while neither are doing Drake numbers, both albums are coming in with decent sales. Big Sean, who had the considerably bigger single of the two acts, will of course move more units, projected to sell 120k-130k (140k-150k including streams), while Chris...
  • Ghostface Killah Calls Drake "Brilliant"
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    Before a Ghostface Killah show in Toronto last Thursday night, reporters asked the Wu-Tang co-founder about Canada's biggest hip-hop export to the world: Drake. Drake's recent mixtape (that's being sold as an album) If You're Reading This It's Too Late hit number one on the charts last week. On Drake's last official album, Nothing Was the Same, Drake included the Wu-tribute song...
  • J. Cole Announces "2014 Forest Hills Drive" Tour [Update: Tour Dates Announced]
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    J. Cole's new album may be his most successful one yet, not only that, it could very well be his best project since his mixtape days. 2014 Forest Hills Drive has already gone gold, and is quickly en route to achieving platinum certification, as it hovers near the 800k mark in total sales.  With the album still in rotation and staying strong on the charts, the rapper has announced a tour to go...
  • Former Contestants On MTV's "Pimp My Ride" Reveal How Fake The Show Was
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    We all know that reality TV is usually pumped up to be a bit more glamorous than things actually are IRL, and this was apparently the case with the old MTV show "Pimp My Ride," hosted by Xzibit. Although the show stopped airing in 2007, it recently returned to the news when two of the seasons' participants did a Reddit AMA. Following that up, Huffington Post investigated the authenticity of the...
  • What Kanye West's 3 New Songs Tell Us About His Album
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    Yesterday, amid flamethrower bursts and a gaggle of up-and-coming grime artists, Kanye West debuted the third song we've heard from his upcoming album thus far. The confrontational, hard-hitting "All Day" ran counter to its two almost drum-less predecessors, "Only One" and "Wolves," and got the sub-section of Kanye fans who were displeased with those first two offerings back into an excited...
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