Bow Wow Joins Cast Of "CSI: Cyber"

Bow Wow (who's recently insisted on using his real name, Shad Moss) has been acting almost as long as he's been rapping, with career-making roles in "Like Mike" and "Roll Bounce" already under his...

  • Bow Wow Joins Cast Of "CSI: Cyber"
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    Bow Wow (who's recently insisted on using his real name, Shad Moss) has been acting almost as long as he's been rapping, with career-making roles in "Like Mike" and "Roll Bounce" already under his belt at this point. These days, he's most visible as the host of "106 & Park," but it looks like he's just booked another big role. The Hollywood Reporter says Moss has been cast in an upcoming...
  • First Week Sales Projections For Wiz Khalifa's "Blacc Hollywood"
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    Wiz Khalifa's new album Blacc Hollywood just hit the stores and the net yesterday, and today the first week sales projections have arrived.  Blacc Hollywood is not looking like it'll be able to break the 100k mark, if these projections hold true. HDD reports that Wiz's new LP is projected to move 70,000 - 80,000 opening week. That's about half of what his last album, 2012's O.N.I.F.C....
  • 10 Rappers Who Switched Their Style Up
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    Superman isn't Superman if he inexplicably switches from superpowered do-gooder, to some sort of motorcycle-riding anti-hero, to maniacal villain, and back and forth between the extremes. Such mythology is a big part of the hip-hop culture, as well as proper marketing. Any marketing novice and comic book savant knows that consistency is key to building one's image/brand. A rapper who...
  • Wiz Khalifa's Jail Selfie Spurs Police Investigation
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    Wiz Khalifa was arrested for weed possession over the weekend, but he made sure to make the most of his experience, turning his arrest into promo for his new mixtape, 28 Grams. The rapper tweeted out some hilarious photos from inside his cell, promising the release of his mixtape as soon as he was free. Khalifa delivered on the promise, but El Paso cops still have some questions-- namely 'how...
  • Chance The Rapper Asks Twitter To Help #SaveChicago
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    Last week, Chance the Rapper tweeted "Save Chicago. This friday." Immediately, fans began to speculate what the tweet's cryptic message was intended to be. Theories arose that a secret show would be performed in the rapper's home city or that he'd possibly join his younger brother Taylor on stage at the latter's Saturday night concert. Instead, the hip-hop star was actually pointing to a larger...
  • Lupe Fiasco Is "Taking A Break" From Politics On "Tetsuo & Youth"
    Lupe Fiasco's career has had been through many phases. The rapper started out as a nerdy outsider with a skateboard, later developing into a more dynamic conscious rapper, before putting out crossover album, and then bouncing back by diving headfirst into protest music and conspiracy theories. His next move was anyone's guess, and now-- after a few false starts --it seems as Lupe's upcoming...
  • Best Lance Stephenson Ear-Blowing Memes
    Lance Stephenson is slaughtering the internet meme game once again, this time for blowing in LeBron James' ear. LeBron was only on the floor for 24 minutes last night, but Lance tried his best to get under his skin while he was on the court.  The Indiana Pacers avoided elimination thanks to Paul George's heroics, and LeBron's ridiculous foul trouble. More importantly, Lance 'Born Ready'...
  • Talib Kweli Speaks On Reports That Yasiin Bey Is Not Allowed To Return To U.S.
    The other week a report surfaced that Yasiin Bey, better known as Mos Def, had to cancel a string of U.S. tour dates because he was not allowed to re-enter the United States. Of course, many of us found this strange as he was born and raised in America, although the report came along with a statement from the site Together Boston, which initially announced the cancellation of Bey's Boston tour...
  • Poll Confirms Donald Sterling Is Most Hated Man In America
    E-Poll Market Research conducted a study to determine, once and for all, who is the most hated man in America. According to the poll's findings, out of the people who were familiar with the disgraced Clippers owner, 92% said they disliked him. Percentages were as high as 97% for males aged 13-24.  Sterling beat out the likes of Bernie Madoff, OJ Simpson, and Justin Bieber for the crown of...
  • MC Ren Announces Reunion With Ice Cube, Lashes Out At "Bullshit" Modern Rappers
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    Along with fellow NWA members Eazy-E, Dr. Dre, DJ Yella, Arabian Prince and Ice Cube, MC Ren set the world on fire in 1988 with the classic album Straight Outta Compton. Since collaborating on the D.O.C.'s 2003 track "The Shit," Ren and Cube haven't worked together at all, but that's soon to change. this morning, Ren announced an upcoming remix of his recent track "Rebel...
  • Ray J Arrested, Allegedly Spit In Cop's Face
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    Ray J spit it first. The outspoken R&B singer was approached by police last night when a sexual battery was called in, indicating that Ray J "made contact" with a woman's rear end. After some investigation, the cops determined that the alleged graze was "incidental" and not that of sexual battery. Regardless, the singer was asked to leave the premises, and while things were off to a smooth...
  • 28 Grams: Hip-Hop Instagram Recap (May 31)
    Have you ever scrolled through Instagram and instantly burst into uncontrollable laughter? Raised your eyebrow? Scratched your head? Instantly smiled? Thought, "Damn. That's dope."?  Stared at your phone? Did an instant repost? HNHH is sure you've answered yes to at least one of those questions.  Because so many people are out in the streets flexin' and doing it for the gram, hip hop...
  • V. Stiviano Assaulted By Two Men In NYC
    Donald Sterling's side piece who outed him as a racist bigot, has reportedly been attacked by two men in NYC. The visor wearing Stiviano has come under fire recently after audio of her mocking black people surfaced just weeks after she recorded Sterling's now infamous racial rant.   Unfortunately your browser does not support IFrames. As the story goes, Stiviano was leaving the...
  • Top 10 Nicki Minaj Guest Verses
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    While she may have had her doubters at certain points, its clear from last night's Summer Jam performance that Nicki Minaj is one of the most exciting voices in the rap game right now. While the Young Money rapper has had her share of incredible solo tracks, she also tends to bring a particularly great energy to features. Leading up to Pink Friday was Nicki's first string of legendary guest...
  • Jordan's Game-Worn Kicks From 1996 Finals Up For Auction
    Michael Jordan autographed the Air Jordan 11 that he wore during game 3 of the 1996 NBA Finals. Those same sneakers are now up for auction and you can expect an outlandish bidding war to ensue. In the 1995-1996 season, the Chicago Bulls notched 72 wins and squared off against the Seattle Supersonics in the NBA Finals. In game 3, MJ put up a pedestrian 36 points and would later be named Finals...
  • Nipsey Hussle Discusses NFL "N-Word" Ban With Larry King
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    Nipsey Hussle stopped by Larry King Now to discuss an NFL rule banning the use of the N-Word from the league. Joined by Ryan Ford (Cashmere Agency's Executive Vice President and Chief Creative Officer), Jimmie Lee Solomon (former MLB executive), Chester Pitts (former NFL player) and, of course, host Larry King, the west coast rapper expressed his feelings on the word's usage, if anyone has a...
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