• Bobby Shmurda Allegedly Caught With $52K Worth Of Crack, His Lawyer Says He's Innocent
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    Things are not looking up for Bobby Shmurda and GS9. We already knew their arrest two nights ago at Quad Studios was "the result of a long-term investigation," according to a public official, and now Hot 97 is alleging that the police have found evidence that would substantiate NYPD's claims of "violent incidents as well as narcotics trafficking." According to an "inside source,"...
  • NYPD Confiscated 21 Guns From Bobby Shmurda & GS9, Say They're Responsible For 24 Shootings [Update: Official Charges Released]
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    As details continue to emerge in the case of Bobby Shmurda & GS9, it looks even more grim for their chances of getting out of this unscathed. Their indictment is now underway, and thanks to some tweets from people inside the courtroom, we're now getting a better picture of the case. First off, Channel 4 reporter Andrew Siff gives us a picture of the 21 guns that were taken from Shmurda and...
  • Bobby Shmurda & Members Of GS9 Reportedly Arrested At Quad Studios [Update: Video From Arrest Surfaces]
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    Add another gun-related news story to Quad Studios' already-infamous history. The NYC-based recording spot, famous for being the site of the first (non-fatal) 2Pac shooting in 1994, just played host to the police again last night, as Bobby Shmurda and undisclosed members of his GS9 crew were reportedly arrested there. Karen Civil reports that police confiscated "numerous weapons" from...
  • Tyga Reveals "Gold Album" Artwork
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    We all know that Tyga's a huge fan of Ancient Egyptian culture. Maybe it's the fact that he once dropped $20,000 on an Egyptian tomb, or his pharaoh-inspired Last Kings hats, but suffice it to say that T-Raww's an Egyptophile. Today, he's revealed the artwork for his upcoming album The Gold Album, and lo and behold, it's an image of Horus, the Egyptian god of the sun, war and protection. What's...
  • T.I., The Game, Tech N9ne, And More Sign On As Celebrity Judges For "One Shot"
    Earlier this Fall, rapper KXNG CROOKED (aka Crooked I) announced on Sway In the Morning that he'd be delivering a hip-hop competition series in 2015. Titled "One Shot," the show will follow Crooked as he travels to eight cities across the United States on the hunt for up-and-coming talent. The winner of the competition will take home a grand prize of $100,000 and a record deal with SMH...
  • Fabolous Lists His Top 5 Reasons Why He Loves '90s Hip-Hop
    Fabolous is planning to take fans back to the '90s with his upcoming album The Young OG Project, due out on Christmas day. With the '90s era of hip-hop sitting heavy in his mind, we got Loso to reel off his top five reasons on why he loves the '90s. Much of what Fabolous mentions can still be found in hip-hop to this day, at least in some form or another, but their birth can be traced back...
  • Sha Money XL Was Not Arrested With Bobby Shmurda & GS9 Members
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    Yesterday Bobby Shmurda and his GS9 crew made the news when it was reported that members of the crew and Shmurda were arrrested mid-recording session at New York's famed Quad studios. Along with the rappers, reports circulated that Sha Money XL, an industry insider, was also arrested. Last night we saw footage of the arrest, as the police walked out Rowdy Rebel and others in cuffs. We also...
  • Former Nike Manager Pleads Guilty To Selling Thousands Of Stolen Rare Sneakers
    Back in April we learned that Nike former Nike employees, Tung Ho and Kyle Yamaguchi, were major players in a Nike scheme which generated hunreds of thousands of dollars. Today, Yamaguchi pleaded guilty to conspiracy to transport, receive and sell stolen goods for shipping 42 pairs of stolen sneakers to a buyer in Florida in April 2013 for $62,000.That 'buyer in Florida' is Jason Michael...
  • #TBT: Eminem's Early Deep Cuts
    Marshall Mather's career has been a roller-coaster ride of success, drug abuse, WTF moments and undeniable talent. Widely regarded as one of the best MCs of all time, Eminem has no shortage of recognizable tunes and hits. Through a working relationship with Dr. Dre, Eminem took the world by storm with his (often mislabeled 'debut') album The Slim Shady LP. The music received...
  • Hopsin Announces He's Quitting Rap & Moving To Australia
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    We've seen Hopsin go on twitter rants concerning the music industry/rap game in the past, however he usually calms down and it's back to business as usual. His latest message to the fans isn't in rant-form and it sounds like he's for real.  The Funk Volume rapper has had his fair share of ups and downs, and announced via Facebook today that he's quitting the rap game in order to...
  • Wale Announces "Festivus" Mixtape With A-Trak
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    Let the "Seinfeld"-themed Wale content keep coming! The rapper, who rose to fame with his Mixtape About Nothing, has spent this year prepping his Album About Nothing, listing his favorite "Seinfeld" episodes and drinking coffee with Jerry Seinfeld along the way. Now, he's announced another release inspired by the show. Preceding the album, we'll receive a collaborative tape with A-Trak...
  • Nicki Minaj Models In New Roberto Cavalli Campaign
    Fresh off the release of her new album The Pinkprint, Nicki Minaj keeps her name and the momentum alive with a new campaign for Roberto Cavalli. The fashion designer tapped Nicki Minaj as the new face of his brand, and she shows off the clothes effortlessly in the new images released today. Nicki Minaj continues to give us a toned down look while promoting her new album, and this campaign...
  • Fabolous Says He "Could’ve Signed To G-Unit In ’05 Or ’06”
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    Fabolous took his career to the next level when he signed with Def Jam in 2006, but we've just learned that he could've opted to go a very different route. In a new interview with Hot 97, Loso reveals that he rejected an offer from G-Unit around the same time.  When asked by Ebro if he thinks he's made any mistakes with his brand, Fab responded: "Not really. I think everything that's...
  • Nas: The Fact That The US Is Still Fighting Over Race Is "Embarrassing"
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    It's no secret that Nas cares deeply about the "Black Lives Matter" movement that's risen in the wake of Michael Brown and Eric Garner's murders, as he was out protesting with Russell Simmons in NYC on Saturday. Now, he speaks his mind in a video for Time Magazine, saying how embarrassed he is by his country's inability to get over issues of race. “It’s not cool to look like Apartheid South...
  • 20 Of Nicki Minaj's Best Booty Moments
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    Nicki Minaj almost broke the internet when she unveiled the artwork for "Anaconda" at the end of the week, and with that came headlines galore, as well as Nicki's own criticism of said headlines. In an honor of the artwork making men thirsty every where, we've decided to collect some of Nicki Minaj's biggest moments (hehe) when it comes to shaking what her mama gave her. Some are twerking GIFs...
  • Mike Tyson Interviewed Earl Sweatshirt About Odd Future, Adolescence And His Career
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    Call this story Halley's Comet because shit this weird only comes around once every 76 years or so. As part of their year-end magazine, clothing company Citizens of Humanity invited none other than ex-boxer Mike Tyson to interview Earl Sweatshirt. Their lengthy conversation touches on everything from egos to the relativity of time (yeah, it gets pretty weird), so we've decided to give you some...
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