• The Weeknd Arrested For Allegedly Punching A Police Officer
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    The Weeknd just had a pretty crazy... umm... weekend in Las Vegas, as reports indicate the singer was arrested for striking a police officer on Saturday. According to TMZ, Abel was involved in a scuffle that broke out at Cromwell Hotel around 4:20 AM that morning. When police intervened, the singer was apparently pulled into an elevator by a cop, at which point he is said to have punched the...
  • Judge Revokes Chris Brown's Probation In Rihanna Assault Case
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    Fans who were hoping for Chris Brown's 2015 to be much less tumultuous than his 2014 (or 2013, or 2012, etc.) can put those dreams away, because it's looking like another long year for Breezy, legally speaking. After performing to an audience in San Jose that included some gun-toting nutjob over the weekend, Chris has now had the probation he's been enjoying since 2009 revoked as a direct...
  • The Making Of Kanye West And Paul McCartney's "Only One"
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    As you probably know by now, Kanye West and Paul McCartney teamed up for a joint track called "Only One" last night, billed as the first of "several" collaborations between them. Now a press release has surfaced, and included in it are some details about the song's creation. Check out an excerpt below: "In early 2014, Paul McCartney and Kanye West first began working together in a small bungalow...
  • Nipsey Hussle Reportedly Sold 60 Copies Of His $1000 Mixtape, "Mailbox Money"
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    Nipsey Hussle, we have to hand it to you, you're a marketing genius. After the L.A. rapper announced that he'd be selling physical copies of his December mixtape Mailbox Money (which was available for free in digital form) for $1000, Hussle claims that he's sold 60 copies as of last Tuesday.  Speaking to The Guardian, Hussle said, “It surprises me, as much as I...
  • Migos & Lil Wayne Spotted In Studio Together
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    Although Lil Wayne has been facing a setback or two when it comes to his new album Tha Carter V, he's not letting that hinder his work process. The rapper recently hit the studio with Migos, presumably cooking up a hot collaboration or two. There has yet to be a Weezy F x Migos collaboration, so fans of either should be excited. No word on what project they were working on, it could very well be...
  • Ty Dolla Sign Reveals Upcoming Collaboration With Kanye West, Rihanna & Paul McCartney
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    It looks like Ty Dolla Sign is going to have another monster year in 2015. Along with his highly-anticipated debut album Free TC, the Taylor Gang crooner has some monster collabs that are on the way, specifically with Kanye West. In a new interview with Billboard, the "Paranoid" rapper revealed that he has worked on 9 songs with Kanye West, one of which is the newly-released "Only...
  • Rich Homie Quan Has Drake On His Album, Will Appear On Lil Wayne's "Grindin" Remix
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    Rich Homie Quan's biggest gig yet may be his work with Young Thug on the latest Rich Gang mixtape, but he's got big plans for his first solo album due out in 2015. Closely working with Birdman and the rest of the Cash Money team, Quan has already done songs with some of the label's biggest names. "Wayne got me on the "Grindin" remix," Quan told VladTV, revealing that he's been in the lab with...
  • Review: Joey Bada$$' "B4.DA.$$"
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    Joey Bada$$ is a young Brooklyn emcee who was influenced by those who came before him from his region, the same way most young rappers from any region show clear influence from those who came before them in their region. As rappers from other regions have begun to dwarf New York rappers in popularity and New York rappers have begun taking more influence from other regions, some have viewed...
  • Iggy Azalea Denies She Has A Sex Tape [Update: Iggy Changes Her Tune, Sex Tape Does Exist]
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    Iggy Azalea has reportedly been offered a seven-figure sum for an alleged sex tape, however, the main issue is the fact that Iggy says it's not her in the tape. Vivid Entertainment boss Steven Hirsch, whom you may or may not recall was the man behind putting out the infamous Kim Kardashian and Ray J sex tape, tells TMZ that he has seen part of the alleged Iggy footage. He claims it shows what...
  • First Week Sales Projections For Joey Bada$$ & Lupe Fiasco
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    Just yesterday we saw the release of two highly anticipated albums, one from a veteran in the game, and one from a relatively new artist. Joey Bada$$ delivered his long-awaited debut album, while Lupe Fiasco delivered his final album on Atlantic, his fifth LP. Who will sell more? If it's a race between Badmon and Lupe, it looks like Joey might pull out on top. According to HitsDailyDouble,...
  • Hottest Albums Of 2014
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    In terms of sales, hip hop albums did not do very well this year. As of press time, J. Cole is the only rapper with a gold album this year, and he just sneaked into the fourth quarter with a surprise release. Most of this boils down to a simple lack of "event" albums. Most of the biggest hip hop artists dropped last year (Drake, Kanye West, Eminem, Jay Z, etc.), and thus created something of a...
  • Tyga Announces Album Release Date For "The Gold Album" [Update: Album Is Delayed Again]
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    Tyga recently unveiled the DONDA-designed cover art for his new album The Gold Album, and appropriately, the album art design was reportedly made out of real gold. After airing out frustrations with his Young Money/Cash Money label, and claiming he was trying to get out of his contract and drop his album independently, it looks like he might have succeeded. The rapper announced a...
  • Philadelphia Rap Icon Cool C To Be Executed In January [Update: Execution Put On Hold]
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    Cool C has spent the last 18 years in prison following a 1996 murder conviction. The Philadelphia rap legend was given the death penalty when he was found guilty for the murder of police officer Lauretha Vaird in a robbery attempt assisted by Steady B, a fellow member of his rap group, C.E.B. The rapper was initially scheduled to be given a lethal injection on March 9, 2006, but the...
  • Kid Ink Announces New Album "Full Speed" With Cover Art & Release Date [Update: Tracklist Released]
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    Now that Kid Ink's new single featuring Tinashe and Usher, "Body Language," is officially off the ground and taking over the airwaves, the rapper is ready to announce a release date, title and cover art for his upcoming sophomore effort. Keeping in a similar vein as his My Own Lane debut, Ink titled his second album Full Speed. The album is expected to arrive on February 3rd 2015. Peep the cover...
  • Was Drake Shooting A Music Video In Toronto Last Weekend?
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    Leave it to KanyeToThe to unearth yet another nugget of information about one of the planets biggest rappers. For their latest trick, some of the forum's members unearthed evidence of a Drake video shoot in Toronto that took place last weekend, and now we're left to speculate where the footage will end up. Along with a gaggle of tweets from surprised Toronto onlookers (below), a few...
  • French Montana & Lil Boosie Will Both Be Starring In Movies This Year
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    The phrase "it's a movie" is used pretty often in the rap game to describe an epic or cinematic piece of music, but less often do rappers actually produce films themselves. When plans for a biopic are announced, they seldom come to fruition (Rick Ross has announced a couple of features that never made it off the ground). However, a few hip hop artists have managed to get their foot in the acting...
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