• Chief Keef Says His Last Two Mixtapes Were Mistakes
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    It's common knowledge that Chief Keef's raps have gone downhill, especially with the release of his past two mixtapes, Bang Pt. 2 and Almighty So, which were less than sub-par, and we're not even sure they even satisfied the biggest of Keef's fans. Keef seemed to be adamant in his lean-sipping and trouble-making ways though, often ending up in the news because of it. It appears as though...
  • Cortez Bryant Says Lil Wayne's "Tha Carter V" Not Dropping May 5th
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    Drake announced on stage the other month that Lil Wayne's highly anticipated Tha Carter V would be arriving on May 5th. Weezy F fans instantly got excited, but since then, we haven't heard so much as a whisper from Wayne music-wise. That's not to say he hasn't popped up in the news, he did just this week when he praised/criticized his Young Money signee Nicki Minaj for her track "Lookin' Ass...
  • TDE's CEO Responds To Suge Knight's Recent Comments About Their Label
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    Suge Knight was a guest on Arsenio Hall the other month, and while there, he made some remarks concerning both Kendrick Lamar and Game's label deals, comparing them to slavery. Game has since responded to Suge's comments, although it's doubtful we will hear a response from K. Dot, Suge himself elaborated on what he meant further in a new interview on BET. Suge explained that he didn't mean...
  • Chris Brown Transferred To Gen Pop In Virginia's Northern Neck Regional Jail
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    For those not keeping up with Chris Brown's ongoing legal saga, the R&B star is currently doing time in his native Virginia's Northern Neck Regional Jail, having been transferred there after brief stints in a Malibu rehab clinic and a Los Angeles County jail, where he was held in solitary confinement due to his behavior in rehab. He allegedly refused a drug test, made "harsh comments"...
  • 15 Rappers Who Did Jail Time
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    The lives of rappers are in the spotlight daily, allowing the public to constantly observe what these rappers are up to. Whether they are topping the charts, or involved in a media frenzy, the public is always in the know. Due to this, questions arise about whether or not these rappers should have social accountability for their actions, since a lot of people, especially the younger generations...
  • Drake Gets A Tattoo Of His Dad's Mugshot
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    We all know how Game loves to document every tattoo he gets, and in recent months, he's paid homage to many people through tattoos. Drake is not quite as vocal about his tattoos, but we did see him get a tattoo of one of his favorite artists, Aaliyah, back in 2011, and more recently, on November 18th, he showed off his tattoo of the letter "H" for Houston. Now Drizzy has decided to pay tribute...
  • Kanye West And Chief Keef Spotted Working On "Bang 3"
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    What do you get when a photo on Instagram (which can be seen in the gallery) crops up with Kanye West, Chief Keef, and Interscope A&R, Larry Jackson? Well, you get a torrent of news and speculation. Although, to be fair, it seems most likely that the trio are working on Chief Keef's much anticipated Bang 3. It is a pleasure to see Chief Keef out of trouble and putting his talents toward...
  • Lil Boosie's Neighbors Are Not Happy About His Partying
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    Lil Boosie threw a party for his mother's 60th birthday this weekend, and his neighbors are already getting worried. The Baton Rouge rapper-- who is currently renting a house that was previously owned by Birdman, in a Louisiana gated community --has been getting complaints from those that live around him, citing offenses such as noise and minor parking violations. Boosie's mother commented on the...
  • Mac Miller Announces New Mixtape, Debuts New Songs
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    Mac Miller has been extremely prolific over the last year or so, and seems that his output is only accelerating. Last night, during a show at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Miller announced that he'll be releasing a new mixtape this mother's day, which is May 11th in case you were wondering (now you definitely won't forget, amirite?). On top of the announcement, the rapper performed...
  • Wale On WWE Incident: "I Just Kind Of Mushed Him A Little Bit"
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    Wale can not seem to hold back from responding to his haters. While attending a WWE event in Washington yesterday, the MMG rapper was taunted on Twitter by a user claiming to be in the same building, and it wasn't long before the rapper sought him out. Some grainy footage of the altercation shows a bit of a scuffle, before Wale was pulled away. You can watch the footage, and read their full...
  • Chief Keef Arrested For DUI
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    Rehab apparently didn't have a lasting effect on Chief Keef. TMZ reported today that the rapper was arrested for a DUI on March 5th, under two weeks after his release from the facility. Sosa was apparently pulled over for "having expired tags on his 2010 Jeep Cheroke", but sources indicate that the officers detected the scent of marijuana pretty quickly after approaching the vehicle. In...
  • Marlon Wayans Says 2pac "Wasn't Real Gangster, But He Acted Gangster"
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     Marlon Wayans showed up on ESPN's Numbers Never Lie series hosted by Michael Smith and Jemele Hill to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the 1994 film "Above The Rim" which found Wayans co-starring with the late 2pac. Wayans, who saw 2pac an hour before his untimely death, reflected on his time spent with Pac. “Me and Pac had a great relationship,” Wayans...
  • Game Denies Brutally Assaulting His Fiancee, Tiffney Cambridge
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    According to TMZ, Game is [allegedly] a suspect in an ongoing felony, domestic violence investigation. If their sources are to be believed, Game is accused of striking his fiancee, Tiffney Cambridge, repeatedly in her face, "injuring her eye socket and breaking her nose" and the L.A. County Sheriff's Department has launched a criminal investigation. Now, Game has been known for...
  • Lil Boosie Talks Moving Away From Baton Rouge & Tupac Comparisons
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    Ever since Lil Boosie's surprise return on March 5th, we've seen a big influx of Boosie-related content to the site, whether it be news about Boosie, new tracks or a video of his first freestyle in the car ride home from jail. Today, we keep that content coming with another Boosie interview. Following his press conference which was streamed live yesterday, Complex spoke to the Baton Rouge native,...
  • Jay Z Was Taken Aback When T.I. Told Him Doe B Was The "Southern Biggie"
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    Doe B was killed in an Alabama club shooting last December, and as tragic as the incident was in itself, the wasted potential only made it worse. T.I., who recruited Doe for his Hustle Gang team, and has sung his praises ever since, continues to keep the Alabama rapper's legacy alive. In a new clip, Tip recalls comparing Doe B to Biggie in a conversation he had with Jay Z, prior to the rapper's...
  • Lil Debbie Says Chief Keef Hit Her Up, Accuses Iggy Azaelea Of Having Butt Implants
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    Female rapper of former White Girl Mob fame, Lil Debbie sat down with Bossip to discuss her latest EP, California Sweetheart and her opinions and experiences with some other famed artists. On the subject of similar artist, Iggy Azalea, Lil Debbie had this to say: “God her body’s banging. I one time tried to reach out to her and I feel like she kind of acted like she was too good...
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