Tyler, The Creator Calls "Shady XV" "Ass"

Eminem's new two-disc album, one disc consisting of new records from Shady Records and the other a 'greatest hits' compilation, has been out for four days now and it's already been dissected and...

  • Tyler, The Creator Calls "Shady XV" "Ass"
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    Eminem's new two-disc album, one disc consisting of new records from Shady Records and the other a 'greatest hits' compilation, has been out for four days now and it's already been dissected and reviewed by critics and fans alike.  Tyler, the Creator has been vocal about his love for Eminem in the past, and when Em dropped Marshall Mathers LP 2 he didn't hesitate to offer his opinion,...
  • Tyga Says "The Gold Album" Won't Be A Cash Money Release
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    Trouble seems to be brewing among the ranks at Cash Money Records. After Lil Wayne, arguably the label's flagship artist, tweeted his dissatisfaction with the label and its CEO, Birdman, Tyga (who pulled a similar stunt a few months ago) has added fuel to the fire. Without giving any real details, T-Raww has now informed us that his delayed album The Gold Album will be out in...
  • Busta Rhymes Suffers Minor Head Injury After Falling Off Stage
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    Busta Rhymes has been unbelievably supportive of Conglomerate artist O.T. Genasis' surprise hit "CoCo", but his overwhelming hype may have got the better of him at a recent New York show. While headbanging to the rapper's buzzing track at a recent Webster Hall show, Busta fell of stage, hitting his head in the process. The rapper emerged from the crowd with a gash in his head, and while he...
  • Young Thug Admits To Breaking His Teacher’s Arm In Middle School
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    This may not be the most relevant story of the day, but it sure is a good one. Before Young Thug became a famous “Stoner” and started living the Rich Gang “lifestyle”, he was apparently busy causing havoc as a youngin’ growing up, specifically in the classroom. In a new article via Rolling Stone, Thugger openly admits to a time when he broke his middle school...
  • Shady Records Plans To Drop Huge Mixtape In Support Of "Shady XV"
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    Eminem and his team at Shady have really stepped up their efforts in the roll-out of their compilation double-disc album, Shady XV. Rightly so, as the album celebrates 15 years of Shady Records. After giving us a cypher with Slaughterhouse, Yelawolf and Eminem, plus some short black and white cartoons, we'll be getting one more piece of content presumably before the album arrives on Monday: a...
  • Rick Ross Is "Disappointed" That Timbaland Leaked Tink's Version Of "Movin Bass"
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    Timbaland caused a stir last week when he leaked out what he called the "original version" of the Rick Ross and Jay Z track he had recently produced, "Movin Bass." Apparently, Rick Ross wasn't happy about the way he handled the situation. In a new interview with Sway, Rozay expresses his disappointment in the producer: "Timbaland released his version that I was real disappointed in hearing. Me...
  • Joey Bada$$ Unveils "B4.DA.$$" Tracklist & Cover Art
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    Yesterday came the tragic news that Joey Bada$$' cousin and tour manager, Junior B, had passed away. Joey has subsequently cancelled his European tour midway through, but it seems his album will be released as planned.Today, Amazon shared the full deluxe tracklist and official (though quite small) artwork for the rapper's debut album, B4.DA.$$. The 17-track effort will feature guest appearances...
  • Carla Howe Shopping Around Sex Tape With Wiz Khalifa [Update: Tape Is Off The Market]
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    The other week rumors circulated that Wiz Khalifa had shot a sex tape (however inadvertently) with Playboy bunny Carla Howe. The two were posted up together on Instagram, with a topless Carla and a topless Wiz. Wiz Khalifa took the photos of the two together down, but Carla still has two up. It was reported at the time that Wiz was unaware he was being filmed with Carla, and he's been...
  • J. Cole Shows Up At A Fan's House In Dallas To Play Her "2014 Forest Hills Drive"
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    J. Cole is currently bringing his album, 2014 Forest Hills Drive, to different cities across the country, hosting listening sessions. If that weren't enough, he's personally inviting fans to listen to his album at his childhood home in North Carolina. J. Cole is once again putting the fan first in his album roll out for 2014 Forest Hills Drive (although there isn't really an extensive roll...
  • Is Lil Wayne Working On "Sorry 4 The Wait 2"?
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    With "Album Weezy" being put on hold throughout the year (Tha Carter V's now expected to drop in early 2015), is "Mixtape Weezy" soon to return? When similar setbacks befell Tha Carter IV, Tunechi dropped off an aptly-titled Sorry 4 The Wait mixtape, and now members of his squad are hinting that a sequel might be on its way. Young Money CEO Mack Maine and Weezy's longtime...
  • Mack Maine Confirms "Carter V" Is Coming First Quarter Of 2015
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    Lil Wayne recently expressed frustration with both Cash Money and his mentor, Birdman following the latest of many pushbacks of his upcoming studio album, Tha Carter V. Weezy seemed adamant to part ways with the label, but whether through his four album contract, or some reasoning with Birdman, the rapper announced earlier in the week that things were all good with him and Cash Money. The...
  • Chief Keef Announces "Nobody: The Album" Featuring Kanye West & Tadoe
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    It's now been almost ten months since Chief Keef first announced that he had new material with Kanye West, and we have yet to hear any of it. With their collaborations first thought to be appearing on Bang 3, a single entitled "Nobody" was announced in September, and now it looks like that song will be showing up on an entirely separate project altogether. Taking to Instagram...
  • Q-Tip Announces Lil Wayne's Induction To The Zulu Nation
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    The Universal Zulu Nation is an organization created by proto-hip hop icon Afrika Bambaaataa, aiming to use the genre to spread awareness of social and political issues. Many rappers have adopted the cause since its inception in the 70s, with Rakim, KRS-One, Public Enemy, Ice Cube, and De La Soul identifying as members. On of the most vocal participants has been Q-Tip, who has been planning...
  • Tyga Skips Appearance After Club Bans Underage Kylie Jenner
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    According to a report from TMZ, Tyga refused to make a scheduled club appearance after a West Hollywood venue, Greystone Manor, refused to let his girlfriend, Kylie Jenner, into the building for his pre-birthday celebration. Kylie, who turned seventeen on August 10th, is not of legal drinking age. According to California law then, her entrance to Greystone would be illegal. Despite this, sources...
  • Hopsin Announces He's Quitting Rap & Moving To Australia
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    We've seen Hopsin go on twitter rants concerning the music industry/rap game in the past, however he usually calms down and it's back to business as usual. His latest message to the fans isn't in rant-form and it sounds like he's for real.  The Funk Volume rapper has had his fair share of ups and downs, and announced via Facebook today that he's quitting the rap game in order to...
  • Beanie Sigel Reportedly In "Critical Condition" Following Shooting [Update: New Details On Shooting]
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    After being released from prison just this August, it was reported Friday that Roc-A-Fella rapper Beanie Sigel had been shot in the torso. According to NBC 10 Philadelphia, the rapper is still in critical condition after going through surgery. He is said to be heavily sedated, and has not yet been able to speak with police. Sigel was shot outside his home in Pleasantville, New Jersey after...
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