• Cassidy and Meek Mill Feud Escalates With New Diss Track
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    Cassidy just dropped a new track "Me Myself and iPhone" where he expresses how he feels about Swizz Beatz, talks about his latest record "Condom Style" and takes some clear shots at Meek Mill.The two rappers went at it last night, in Twitter-beef fashion, and Meek has announced that a response will be made tomorrow with his own song. I gave @meekmill months to respond.. Tomorrow? I...
  • Kanye West Questions The Use Of The Word "Bitch," Hip-Hop's Role In It
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    Every now and then Kanye West takes to Twitter to vent about what's been on his mind. Most recently, he flooded the internet with questions about the use of the word "bitch" and "nigga," and whether or not it is acceptable.He started with the simple (yet complex) question: is the word "bitch" acceptable? "I usually never tweet questions but I struggle with this so here goes... Is the...
  • J. Cole Releases Letter For The Fifth Anniversary Of "The Warm Up" [Update: Tour Schedule Announced]
    On the fifth anniversary of his breakthrough mixtape, The Warm Up, J. Cole has released a message for the fans who have been there for him since the beginning. Posted on the rapper's official website, the text finds Cole talking about the development of that original project and how the music elevated him in the industry. In support of the anniversary, Cole is also bringing back his "Dollar...
  • Waka Flocka Will Pay You $50,000 A Year To Roll His Blunts
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    Calling all blunt masters. If you consider yourself proficient at rolling up L's, Waka Flocka Flame may have an employment opportunity for you. That's right, the 1017 Brick Squad Monopoly rapper announced via his Instagram that is offering 50,000 dollars a year for a personal blunt roller, and he asked that you submit your applications via the hashtag #ICanRoll (a clever play on his...
  • TDE Announces Ab-Soul's "Black Lip Pastor" Coming Soon [Update: Once Again, Ab-Soul Says "Black Lip Pastor" Not The Title]
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    When we first heard about Ab-Soul's upcoming project, the rapper clarified that the effort would not bear the title Black Lip Pastor as many assumed from his tweets. Now it appears that he may have reconsidered, as the TDE camp has confirmed that BLP is coming soon. The Control System rapper hinted earlier in the month that BLP would be a joint effort with celebrated producer The Alchemist,...
  • Kendrick Lamar’s "i" Producer Says The Rapper’s New Album Is "Incredible"
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    Kendrick Lamar released one of the most anticipated records of the year last week with “i”, and ever since then, his sophomore album is all we can think & talk about. With every little detail being reported, we now have some more insight to the upcoming project thanks to “i” producer Rahki. In a new interview with MTV News, Rahki talks about the record "i", and how...
  • First Week Sales Projections Are Low For Game & Big Boi [Update: Game's Sales Increase]
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    Although it’s December and hip hop artists typically don’t release big projects, fans were treated to two anticipated albums this week in Game’s fifth studio effort Jesus Piece, and Big Boi’s second official solo LP Vicious Lies & Dangerous Rumors.  Unfortunately, the projections for the two in their first week do not look promising. Both artists have been promoting their...
  • Macklemore Talks "Control," Getting Called Out By Yelawolf & Method Man
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    Macklemore is not going away any time soon. The rapper has been a mainstay on the charts since his breakthrough single "Thrift Shop," and with that success, he's had both positive and negative attention form critics and fellow rappers. In an interview with the Breakfast Club, Mack spoke of his competitive nature, getting called out by Yelawolf and Method Man, and of course, Kendrick's "Control"...
  • Jeezy Talks Freddie Gibbs Beef [Update: Gibbs Responds To Jeezy's "Lies"]
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    Jeezy's Seen It All is less than a month away and the rapper is beginning to ramp up his press tour. Stopping in with Ebro, Miss Info & Laura Stylez at Hot 97, Jeezy discussed a multitude of topics ranging from his new single "Seen It All" to his interest in Nicole Murphy. Most headline-grabbing of all, however, was a brief discussion with the radio hosts about his long-lasting beef with...
  • Game Changers: Eminem Edition
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    Eminem is one of the biggest things to happen to hip-hop, period. He challenged the status quo and found success as a white artist in a predominantly black industry. Though he was not the first white rapper to blow, Eminem is one of the few to be consistently ranked among the greatest rappers of all time. Though his recent work hasn't been as impactful as earlier efforts, everyone from the kids...
  • A History Of 50 Cent Beefs
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    50 Cent has been through so much beef, you could probably dedicate a book to the fights he has picked. Throughout his career, he has never been shy to give his honest opinion about fellow rappers. He has mastered the art of the diss song and pretty much wears the crown for being the king at feuding. His moves to out battle his rivals have been smart, conniving and sometimes just plain...
  • Trey Songz & Mila J Are Reportedly Dating
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    Jhené Aiko recently said in a interview that she's not currently dating any stars in the hip-hop/R&B world, but now we know that her sister might be. E! News reports that Mila J and Trey Songz are now a couple. Citing some behavior that was witnessed at the recent Compound Foundation's Fostering a Legacy benefit in NYC, E! reports that the two were "attached at the hip all...
  • Drake Reveals New OVO Snapbacks
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    Drake certainly puts on for his city. From his "416" tattoo, to his ambassador duties for the Raptors, Drizzy is always ready to flaunt his Canadian upbringing.  The newest addition to his OVO clothing line also pays homage to the T-Dot. Debuted on his Instagram, Drake is getting ready to drop two new snapbacks to let fans represent their hood. The hats respectively display the titles of...
  • Tyler, The Creator Reacts To Finding U2's New Album On His Phone
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    This past week, Apple unveiled the iPhone 6 and iWatch at a highly-hyped conference in Cupertino, CA. But perhaps the biggest news story to emerge from the event was U2's surprise arrival to perform new material, announce a new album, and (surely the strangest part) inform iTunes users that the album was, at that very moment, in their libraries, free of charge. Many people (myself included) took...
  • Tyler, The Creator Doesn't Want To Do "EarlWolf" Anymore
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    Since Odd Future's first break into the public eye, the anticipation for an Earl Sweatshirt and Tyler, The Creator joint album has existed. The name of the hypothetical album, EarlWolf also dates back to this time, and tracks like "AssMilk", "Lemonade" and more recently, "Whoa" have solidified the chemistry between the two rappers. While Earl said that the album could eventually come to...
  • Paris Hilton Signs Deal With Cash Money
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    And the YMCMB signees just keep getting stranger and stranger. Today, the ever-expanding record label, with plans to dominate all genres of music, announced the signing of heiress Paris Hilton. Paris Hilton has been associated with the YMCMB crew in the past. She's linked up with Lil Wayne for her song "Last Night" last year, she partied with Weezy on her birthday back in March, and more...
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