Review: Juicy J's "Stay Trippy"

Few rappers get a second life in the rap game. It’s nearly unheard of to lap around the competition a third time around. But then again Juicy J is not the typical rapper. He started out with his...

  • Review: Juicy J's "Stay Trippy"
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    Few rappers get a second life in the rap game. It’s nearly unheard of to lap around the competition a third time around. But then again Juicy J is not the typical rapper. He started out with his fellow Memphis native rappers and friends DJ Paul and Lord Infamous to form Three 6 Mafia in the early 90’s. A classic hip-hop come-up story, the trio dove head-first into a non-stop grind of hustling...
  • Waka Flocka Says He Doesn't "Deserve" Big Features & Also Puts LeBron On Blast
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    Brick Squad’s Waka Flocka is one of the artists on the rise who really broke through in 2012.  He’s a presence on the mic, and in real life as he’s 6’7 tall.  In an interview on WILD 94.9, Waka said that he doesn’t believe he deserves massive features on his tracks yet, but he is working towards it.  The towering emcee, who is an avid basketball player and fan also...
  • Drake Talks Blending R&B And Rap Music, Singing Too Much & Kendrick Lamar
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    Drake was interviewed by Elliott Wilson for his CRWN interview series this past Sunday. The night of the event, tidbits of what Drake said during his interview made their way online through Twitter. Most of what we heard revolved around Kendrick Lamar, and Drake's response to the "Control" track. Now part one of the interview is out, and Drizzy talks more about his new album Nothing Was The...
  • Chief Keef Goes To Paris To Work With Kanye West
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    It appears that the two Chicago natives, Chief Keef and Kanye West, will be connecting once more. Kanye West first gave Keef's career a boost when he remixed his single "I Don't Like," and now Keef will apparently be working with 'Ye in Paris.Recently, we heard Daft Punk would be contributing to Kanye West's upcoming sixth studio album, and now Keef hints that he may be as well. The Chi-town...
  • Big Sean & Ariana Grande Photographed Kissing, Holding Hands
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    The Big Sean and Ariana Grande relationship rumors are about to go into overdrive, if not officially confirmed. Today a photo has been circulating the web showing the two possible love birds locking lips while on a roller coaster ride, and holding hands as they walked around the amusement park. The two previously sparked relationship rumors when they were spotted holding hands backstage at the...
  • Kendrick Lamar Says Of "Control" Responses: "They Gotta Try Harder"
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    Although many rappers continue to respond to Kendrick Lamar's verse on "Control" K. Dot doesn't seem content with any of the responses yet.  Running into TMZ, Kendrick whose fame found new heights following the verse, spoke briefly on the responses and gave one piece of advice, "they gotta try harder." Do you agree? Watch the clip below. Unfortunately your browser does not support IFrames.
  • Lupe Fiasco Had To Be Talked Into Doing Kanye West's "Touch The Sky"
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    Lupe Fiasco's big break came from his appearance on Kanye West's song, "Touch The Sky", so it's surprising to hear he wasn't exactly jumping at the opportunity to get on a 'Ye record at the time. In a new interview with DJ Skee, Lupe explained that despite both being from Chicago, he and Kanye were of different scenes, and at first he wasn't really feeling the vibe of "Touch The Sky". “I...
  • Ariana Grande Confirms Relationship With Big Sean
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    Although they've been rumored to be dating for several months now, Ariana Grande and Big Sean had never confirmed their relationship until now. In a new, exclusive interview with The Telegraph, Grande was asked directly if she was dating Sean, and she responded "Yes." The 21-year-old pop star added, "He is one of the most amazing men in the whole world, and that includes my grandfather and my...
  • Eminem's Childhood Home Damaged In Fire [Update: Home Was Demolished]
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    Many are familiar with Eminem's childhood in Detroit home through his album covers. First featured on his seminal Marshall Mathers LP in 2000, and revisited on the cover of MMLPII, which dropped this week. TMZ reports that the home -- which is now abandoned -- was badly burned in a fire Thursday night. The house apparently sustained damage to the second floor, but fire fighters were able to...
  • Drake Releases Schedule For Houston Appreciation Weekend
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    Drake took his love for the South to the next level in April when he announced he'd be hosting the very first Houston Appreciation Weekend, abbreviated to HAW. His OVO blog soon followed up with a set of dates (June 12-15) for the weekend-long event, however we hadn't received any sort of line-up until now. Today OVO has released the full schedule for what you can expect at HAW. Things start on...
  • The Weeknd Announces "King Of The Fall" Tour With Schoolboy Q & Jhene Aiko
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    With The Weeknd surprising fans the other night with the release of his newest record “Often”, no one thought he’d be back tonight with another surprise announcement for us. Taking to twitter a little while ago, Abel revealed that he will be hitting the road this Fall for the “King Of The Fall” Tour. With a flyer headline reading “Special Live One-Night...
  • Rick Ross Throws Jabs At Young Jeezy & 50 Cent, Moves MMG Label To Atlantic Records
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    Rick Ross was quite talkative last night, something we don't always see from the Miami rapper. While in his hometown, he chopped it up with Felisha Monet for Miami's 99 Jamz. In the first part of their conversation, Rozay speaks on his cancelled tour and related rumors.As the conversation with Ricky Rozay continued, the BET Hip-Hop Awards debacle was brought up, as well as 50 Cent. Rozay...
  • Baby Face Killa: Rappers When They Were Young
    Everyone was baby-faced at some point in their life. Rappers are no different. We decided to do some digging and found twenty-seven photos of various different rappers as the young'ns they once were. Albeit, some of these rappers are still young, but they're not THIS young anymore. Given it's the weekend, we know you're probably looking for some ways to procrastinate on your schoolwork/life, so...
  • Kanye West And Chief Keef Spotted Working On "Bang 3"
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    What do you get when a photo on Instagram (which can be seen in the gallery) crops up with Kanye West, Chief Keef, and Interscope A&R, Larry Jackson? Well, you get a torrent of news and speculation. Although, to be fair, it seems most likely that the trio are working on Chief Keef's much anticipated Bang 3. It is a pleasure to see Chief Keef out of trouble and putting his talents toward...
  • Royce Da 5'9" Doesn't Think J. Cole's "Fire Squad" Was An Eminem Diss
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    It's a combination of rap fans' thirst for beef and media's thirst for clicks that often turns ordinary statements into "shade". In the case of J. Cole's "Fire Squad", the speculation around a line made the rounds before many even heard the song themselves. If you're not familiar by now, Cole addressed white privilege in rap, name-checking Iggy Azalea, Macklemore, and most notably (only due to...
  • A History Of 50 Cent Beefs
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    50 Cent has been through so much beef, you could probably dedicate a book to the fights he has picked. Throughout his career, he has never been shy to give his honest opinion about fellow rappers. He has mastered the art of the diss song and pretty much wears the crown for being the king at feuding. His moves to out battle his rivals have been smart, conniving and sometimes just plain deep. Fif...
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