Azealia Banks Announces Spring Mini-Tour

After Azealia Banks' Playboy issue hits shelves on March 20th, she'll be giving fans a few additional chances to see her in the flesh this spring. Announcing a mini-tour that begins with two...

  • Azealia Banks Announces Spring Mini-Tour
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    After Azealia Banks' Playboy issue hits shelves on March 20th, she'll be giving fans a few additional chances to see her in the flesh this spring. Announcing a mini-tour that begins with two Coachella appearances in April and concludes with a May show in Boston, Banks has only shared info on six total shows thus far, but more might be coming. Check out the current dates below.  April 10 –...
  • Derrick Rose Undergoes Successful Surgery, Could Return For Playoffs
    After Derrick Rose tore his medial meniscus in his right knee again, many feared that his 2014-15 season was in jeopardy. However, D-Rose underwent successful surgery today and a timetable for his return has been pegged at 4-6 weeks. If he takes his time returning and sits out for six weeks, he'll still be able to play in three regular season games before the playoffs get underway. While it's...
  • Nipsey Hussle & Yo Gotti Cover RESPECT Magazine
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    RESPECT magazine just unveiled their new cover for their 21st issue, and they've tapped two of hip-hop's street hustlers-turned-business men, Nipsey Hussle and Yo Gotti. The magazine will focus on how they turned their street savvyness into an CEO position. The issue will also feature content from Drake, Big Sean, Nicki Minaj, Nas and more. A few days back we spoke to Gotti on the album...
  • Former Contestants On MTV's "Pimp My Ride" Reveal How Fake The Show Was
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    We all know that reality TV is usually pumped up to be a bit more glamorous than things actually are IRL, and this was apparently the case with the old MTV show "Pimp My Ride," hosted by Xzibit. Although the show stopped airing in 2007, it recently returned to the news when two of the seasons' participants did a Reddit AMA. Following that up, Huffington Post investigated the authenticity of the...
  • Stream Cannibal Ox's New Album "Blade Of The Ronin"
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    Cannibal Ox announced their return to the rap game at the end of January, with a new album Blade of the Ronin due out in March. They quickly began the roll out, releasing singles like "Iron Rose" with MF Doom and "Harlem Knights." Although it's been over a decade since their last album, The Cold Vein, they sound like they never left. Blade of the Ronin isn't due out until March 3rd, but the...
  • Kanye West Gets North West and Donda West's Birthdates Tattooed On Him
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    Since we've known him, Kanye West has never been afraid to express his feelings for either his mother and/or daughter, so for him to get 2 new tattoos in their honor shouldn't come much as a surprise.  On Thursday night (or more like Friday morning overseas), Kanye West did just that though, and got his daughter and mother's birth dates tattooed on his wrists. However, Yeezy was apparently...
  • Missy Elliott & Pharrell Spotted In The Studio
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    Missy Elliott’s new comeback album must be coming further along than we know. A couple weeks ago, we caught Missy and her longtime partner, Timbaland, cooking up new material in the studio, and now today another photo has surfaced online, and this time its with Missy and Pharrell. Taking to twitter Thursday night, Missy posted a black & white pic of her and Skateboard P with the...
  • Kanye West Apologizes To Beck & Bruno Mars On Twitter
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    Kanye West is not an avid Twitter user, but in the past we've seen him use his account for moments of passionate fury. Those days are over (we think), as Ye took to his timeline today to officially apologize to Beck for his semi-interruption, and post-show comments at the Grammys. While he was at it, he decided to also throw an apology Bruno Mars' way. Apparently Ye had "hated on" the singer in...
  • What Kanye West's 3 New Songs Tell Us About His Album
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    Yesterday, amid flamethrower bursts and a gaggle of up-and-coming grime artists, Kanye West debuted the third song we've heard from his upcoming album thus far. The confrontational, hard-hitting "All Day" ran counter to its two almost drum-less predecessors, "Only One" and "Wolves," and got the sub-section of Kanye fans who were displeased with those first two offerings back into an excited...
  • Childish Gambino Confirms He'll Be Playing A Stripper In "Magic Mike XXL"
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    Before he was Childish Gambino, Donald Glover had a very successful career in comedy. The actor turnt rapper made his way up through Derrick Comedy sketches, later landing a gig writing for 30 Rock, and eventually nabbing his most successful role as Troy in Community. While Glover has decided to pursue music full time, and retired from the NBC primetime shift, he will be doing a bit of acting in...
  • Kanye Says He's Willing To Give Drake Advice On Designing Sneakers
    Drake, if you're reading this... it's not too late. The king of kings himself, lord Kanye West, has offered his confidential expertise regarding sneaker design.While we all know 'Ye is fed up with Nike and he's now satisfied in his role with Adidas, helping Drake achieve greatness in the realm of sneakers (or elsewhere) is something he's into. During his BBC1 interview with Zane Lowe, Yeezy...
  • Review: Big Sean's "Dark Sky Paradise"
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    Critics are always fighting conflicting urges. On the one hand, there's the need to be objective and evaluate each work on its own merits. On the other, there's the desire to fit each new release from an artist into an over-arcing career narrative. The trick is to find a balance between the two. This is especially hard to do with Big Sean, largely because his story so far has been one of success...
  • Kanye West Speaks On His New Album, Destroying Exclusivity & "The Ye Button" With Zane Lowe
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    We just heard Kanye West's new interview with Zane Lowe for BBC 1, and as expected it was full of inspirational, passionate, and hilarious moments. The most surprising moment came when Kanye spoke of his last conversation with fashion instructor Louise Wilson before her death, which caused him to nearly break down in tears, something that-- by his own admission --he'd never done in an interview...
  • #TBT: Nate Dogg Originals
    Last month we took a look at Nate Dogg's dopest features, but the late legend put out some incredible work of his own too. We felt it was only right to take a look at 10 originals Nate Dogg put out, including ones released by 213, his group with Snoop Dogg and Warren G. Nate Dogg released three albums in addition to that 213 LP, each with a sound of its own. Of course Nate Dogg was best known...
  • Stream Kanye West's Zane Lowe Interview Live On BBC Radio 1
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    Kanye West's original interview with Zane Lowe has made it's way into the canon of legendary Kanye West interviews, and we're hoping his latest sit down with the BBC radio personality will leave a similar mark on history. The interview will stream on BBC 1 starting at 3 PM EST today, with a mix from Zane preceding the interview. With a new album on the way, and Ye's debut of his new song, "All...
  • Kendrick Lamar Gave Michael Jackson's Son A Preview Of His New Album
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    Kendrick Lamar has been kind of stingy with sharing new music this year, leaking tracks off his untitled album sparingly. The two official singles he has shared, "i" and "The Blacker the Berry," are enough to get most of us hype for what's to come, and fiend for more (so the plan is working). It's safe to say that if Kendrick decided to give us an album preview, we'd...
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