• Kobe Bryant Posts Bikini Pics Of His Wife On Instagram
    Kobe Bryant’s wife, Vanessa, is much like her husband: she has been aging well.  While Mamba is entering his 18th season in the league, and has been recuperating from his Achilles injury at an alarming rate, Mrs. Bryant has maintained her physique even after having two children and splitting her time contributing to her charitable organizations.  To show how great his wife still looks, a...
  • 140 Bars Or Less: April 30 to May 7
    Welcome to this week’s ‘140 Bars or Less’ post where we look at the “best-in tweet” in the world of Hip Hop. Dissecting the funniest, most entertaining, and outrageous tweets from some of the biggest names in rap who are on Twitter. SLIM THUGIf ever there was a case for the pitfalls of celebrity and losing your privacy.  Using a public toilet is frightening enough as is, without...
  • Tupac Impersonator Appears At A Celtics Game
    Really, Tupac? You're going to be resurrected as a Celtics fan?  During last night's game this Tupac impostor was spotted, and with the bandana he had going on it looked eerily similar to the West Coat gangsta rapper. As it turns out, the dudes name is Nash Muraya, and he is a Tupac impersonator. But, that's only his night time gig. Muraya is actually a tennis pro in Cape Cod. Tennis pro...
  • This Month's 25 Worst Fake Kicks Spotted Online
    We're back with another installment of the most laughable, bootleg Jordans, Nikes and everything in between. This week we take a look at some awful Doernbecher 5's, knock off Space Jams, "Green Glow" 5's, and the best Red October Yeezy II you'll ever see. Oh yeah, I can't forget about those Gucci Air Jordan 13s. Gucci 13's are so hot in the streets right now. These fake makers aren't even...
  • Major Sneaker Supplier Busted For Selling Stolen Nikes
    Nike employee, Tung Ho, and former Nike employee, Kyle Yamaguchi, are major players in a Nike sample scheme that has landed a Florida man in jail. By "Florida man" standards, this crime seems pretty vanilla, but Jason Keating was dealing tons of pairs of stolen Nike Look See Samples, which are worth a pretty penny.  Keating would purchase shipments of stolen, and extremely rare Nike...
  • Derrick Rose Wants To Collab With Kanye West
    Adidas recently unveiled Derrick Rose's 5th signature sneaker, the Adidas D Rose 5, and the Chicago Bulls' All-Star guard is already looking forward to future project. Specifically, a possible collaboration with Kanye West. Yeezy left Nike to join Adidas last December, and if Rose has his way, the two Chicago natives will collaborate in the future. “It was great hearing that they signed...
  • Brandon Jennings Says Kobe Is The Greatest Ever
    Always controversial Pistons' point guard, Brandon Jennings, has made a definitive stance in the 'Greatest Ever' debate, and he's explained himself as only one can- via a twitter rant.  Jennings, who is certainly entitled to his opinion no matter how much molly he is popping in the club, dubbed Kobe Bryant the 'greatest ever' over Michael Jordan, and here is his reasoning....
  • Out Of The Booth: Why Hip Hop Is Everywhere
    11 Likes3 Dislikes
    As the market has become seemingly over saturated with talent, hip hop artists have begun following in the steps of icons such as Will Smith, LL Cool J, and Jay-Z, and now do more than simply churn out music.  Rappers today are as focused on creating a brand for themselves, as they are in dropping a banging LP.  Putting their personalities on display has become a fixture in...
  • Fresh Prince Jordan Sneakers
    Over the past few months we have seen leaked images of many pairs of Jordan "Bel-Air" sneakers. These shoes of course taking inspiration from the TV show, Fresh Prince of Bel-air, where Will Smith constantly wore Jordan sneakers. Click through the slides to see all of the Bel-Air sneakers so you can plan for their releases in October.
  • 5 Signs You're A Celebrity Sneakerhead
    With the sneakerhead culture invading American Culture more and more each day, it seems no one is immune from hopping on board the sneaker collecting bandwagon. From athletes to actors, rappers to even pro wrestling star Hulk Hogan, more and more celebrities are taking to social media to share their sneaker collections with the world. However, no matter where you land on the walk of fame, there...
  • Kanye Says He's Responsible For 50% Of Balenciaga Sales
    In his most recent interview with GQ, Kanye West said more than a few memorable quotes, which doesn't surprise us one bit. The polarizing musician bowed down to Drake as the most popular figure in rap, referred to himself as a blowfish, and said he is responsible for more than 50% of Balenciaga sales. Q: When you said what you said last year about the fashion industry and your frustration with...
  • 10 Most Expensive Kevin Durant Sneakers At Flight Club Right Now
    The league's MVP, Kevin Durant, is currently gearing up to take on the world in the FIBA World Cup, which will kick off at the end of August. Throughout the games, the Slim Reaper will be lacing up a 'USA' themed version of his seventh signature sneaker, the Nike KD7. His latest signature brings back the mid-foot strap, which was previously seen on the Nike KD4- arguably the best KD signature to...
  • LeBron's Autographed HS Jersey Being Sold For $50,000
    LeBron James' iconic Saint Vincent's Saint Mary jersey is currently up for auction on eBay with an astronomical buy it now price of $50,000. According to the listing, the jersey is authentic and is the same one LeBron wore during his senior year of high school.  As always, buying items like this online could be sketchy, though the seller, 'City Liquidators Autograph Store' has impeccable...
  • Gilbert Arenas Calls Al Sharpton A 'Coon' For His Reaction To Michael Brown Riots
    As you are all aware, the scene in Ferguson, Missouri is reaching catastrophic levels and everybody is weighing in on the Michael Brown shooting, as well as the riots that have followed. Former NBA'er, Gilbert Arenas has never been one to bite his tongue, and he isn't holding back now- though he isn't lashing out at the police as you might expect. Instead, Agent Zero has taken to instagram to...
  • Nick Young Throws Ridiculous First Pitch At Dodgers Game
     Nick Young threw out the ceremonial first pitch at Dodgers Stadium last night and all we can say is, at least he kept it in the ballpark. In case you lost track of it, Swaggy P catapulted the ball into the netting behind home plate. Young has been crushing life since the Lakers' season ended; he was cruising on the zamboni machine at the Los Angeles Kings game a few nights ago, and he is...
  • Kanye West Apologizes For Red October Release
    Kanye is no longer with Nike, but that hasn't stopped the brand from releasing the exclusive "Red October" Air Yeezy II and giving them to big time celebrities.  Kanye wasn't pleased with the way Nike treated him while he was with the Swoosh, and it appears he's still not happy with the way things are playing out. During a recent Yeezus performance, the mastermind behind the Red October...
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