• Top 10 Trash Talkers In The NBA
    Richard Sherman's trash talking performance in the NFC Championship game has been the talk of the sports world leading up to the Super Bowl. Trash talk is a huge part of professional sports, especially in the NBA. In the NBA the trash talk is very personal. Its you vs. your man, one on one, for 48 minutes. Some players trash talk to get inside an opponents head, others do it to get themselves...
  • Ludacris Debuts The Latest Foamposite
    This past weekend we saw the release of the "Cherry Blossom" or "Thermal Map" Foamposite. While receiving several other less tasteful nicknames over the time the shoes were first release, it didn't stop many Sneakerheads from stopping in store to purchase this latest Nike Sportswear launch. Ludacris himself didn't hold back, picking his pair up and immediately lacing them up for his court-side...
  • Jordan - June Releases!
    While many of us are getting ready for May release dates, Jordan Brand has released their lineup for June. Take a look at whats in store!
  • Knockout: Hip Hop's Love of Boxing
    The "feud" between 50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather a couple weeks back got us thinking about the long-standing love affair between rappers and boxers. Both require a tremendous amount of skill, and both camps have made sincere, desperate, and hilarious attempts at paying homage to one another. Boxers have made their attempts at rap (Roy Jones Jr.'s "Y'all Must Have Forgot," Mayweather's "Yep"),...
  • Andre Drummond's Ex Bashes Him For Being A Dud
    Andre Drummond's short lived romance with former Nickelodeon star, Jennette McCurdy, has officially ended and the chick is spilling the beans. It's hard to believe the relationship didn't work out, considering the two met on instagram and she was Drummond's #WomanCrushWednesday. Those types of relationships almost always last forever. According to TMZ, Drummond had a chauffeur drive them...
  • Top-10 Low Top Jordans
    Jordan Brand has been retroing their most popular models for years, and that includes morphing the iconic silhouettes into low-top versions. In some instances, like the Air Jordan 11, it works. Other times, such as the case with the Air Jordan 8, the low top version is a bit of a stretch. Of course, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but for the most part, the Jordan lows have been just...
  • The Timberland Boot Rap Made Famous
    40 years ago, Timberland created the iconic 6 inch boot. Popularized not only by the working man, but by the artists that made the boot true streetwear, its hard to meet anyone that hasn't at one time owned a pair of Timberlands. Released in individually numbered pairs, each boot comes complete with a wooden box, lookbook, and the premium quality expected from the Timberland brand. Retailing for...
  • LeBron Speaks On Durant's Pressure To Win Title
    LeBron James weighed in on when Kevin Durant will really start feeling the pressure to get over the hump and win an NBA title. LeBron is all too familiar with the media and fans hovering over you, scrutinizing you, until you win a title. And even after you've won, the pressure builds again about when the next title will come.  So when will KD really start to feel the heat? "When I...
  • Twitter Reacts To LeBron's Busted Nose
    LeBron James left last night's game in the fourth quarter after Serge Ibaka busted his nose on a drive to the basket. LeBron finished the play with a sick dunk on Ibaka, but was unable to continue.  LeBron was said to be woozy after the game, though he passed a concussion test. King James was in good spirits, and even hopped on instagram to share a "Bane James" picture that somebody sent...
  • Blake Griffin Clowns Carmelo Anthony & Chris Paul In China
    As part of the Jordan Brand Flight Tour, Blake Griffin, Carmelo Anthony, and Chris Paul went over to China to interact with fans at various events.  They were the referees of an exhibition game, joined fans at an arcade, had an autograph session at a shoe store, and did much more to rep Jordan Brand and the NBA.  Melo posted a video of their travels in Guangzhou, China.   Obviously, all...
  • LeBron James Wants The Cavs To Retire His Jersey
    The Cleveland Cavaliers recently hoisted Zydrunas Ilguaskas' #11 jersey into the rafters, and LeBron James dreams that his jersey will one day join. Though he tried to dismiss the question, he entertained the thought of a possible Cavs retirement party. “It’s not for me to really be concerned about or to even think about,” James said. “It’s something we all as...
  • Jamie Foxx Does His Best LeBron Impression
    While on the set of Good Morning America this morning Jamie Foxx showed off his impersonation skills by delivering a spot on depiction of LeBron James. No, it wasn't a flopping impersonation, but Foxx still nailed it. 
  • Kobe Bryant Attends Class At Boston College
    Kobe Bryant is part of a dying breed that skipped collegiate athletics and went straight from Lower Merion High School to the NBA. Last night, however, Kobe was a college student for the first time, as he sat in on some marketing classes at Boston College.  The Lakers are in Boston for a Friday night matchup against the Celtics, which led Kobe to explore his post-basketball career by way of...
  • Star Wars Themed Sneaker Masks
    We've seen our fair share of custom kicks this year, but artist Freehand Profit takes sneaker art to an entirely new level. In the spirit of May 4rth, a day recognized as "national Star Wars day," he's debuted some of his most creative custom masks yet! May the fourth be with you!
  • Classic Air Jordan 3 Colorway Releasing
    The Air Jordan 3 "Sport Blue" is officially scheduled to release on August 16th, with the standard $170 price tag. The classic colorway and silhouette combined with one of the all-time favorite hues makes this sneaker one of the most intriguing releases of 2014.  Sport blue accents adorn the black leather upper at mudguard, eyelets, outsole and inner lining. The iconic...
  • 5 Rappers That Can Help Their Hometown NBA Team Re-Brand
     Jay-Z completely changed the culture of Nets basketball when he joined as a minority partner. Albeit, his share was very, very slim, the move to Brooklyn and complete re-branding was a testament to his star power. Recently, the Raptors have been considering re-branding as well, though they plan to stay in Toronto. The Raptors might be swapping colors for a black/gold to mimic Drake's OVO...
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