• PETA Criticize Jay-Z & Beyonce For Custom Sneakers Made From 9 Different Animals
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    PETA, known for their controversial marketing techniques and speaking out against celebrities, have found new targets in super couple Jay-Z and Beyonce. The two were scolded by PETA for their custom-made kicks that utilize nine different animals. The couple each got a pair done by PMK Customs.Hov's model, called the "Brooklyn Zoo Jordan I," is made of alligator,...
  • Paul George Got Catfished
    Paul George needs to get it together in his off the court romances. First, he offered a stripper $1M for an abortion, which she declined, and now it seems he is the victim of a catfish scam. According to reports, the Pacers star allegedly sent half naked, and fully nude selfies to a "woman" he met online. Turns out it was a dude all along, and Paul George's photos are now circulating the web....
  • Rick Ross, A$AP Rocky Lead Latest Trend
  • DeMarcus Cousins Says Chris Paul Is A Cheater
    Back in November, DeMarcus Cousins pulled Isaiah Thomas away from Chris Paul, who was trying to shake hands after the game. This incident added fuel to the fire for Cousins' reputation of having a poor attitude and being immature. Cousins spoke out about why he did that, and his true feelings about CP3;  “It’s just, some players I don’t respect,” Cousins said....
  • 140 Bars Or Less
    Welcome to the inaugural ‘140 Bars or Less’ post where I compile the week’s “best-in tweet” in the world of Hip Hop. Dissecting the funniest, most entertaining, and outrageous tweets from some of the biggest names in rap who are on Twitter.Twitter is intriguing to fans because it offers an un-buffered forum into the minds of some of your favorite artists.  The material is often...
  • 10 NBA Players Who Love Clubbing & Partying
    Being an NBA player leaves lots of potential for partying.  Not only are players essentially off work for a third of the year, but - for the most part- have large egos that love the limelight and even larger wallets that love spilling money frivolously; as Meek Mill put it, "Young & Gettin' It" . While pro ballers making waves with their partying habits is nothing new - especially in today's...
  • Kanye West Apologizes For Red October Release
    Kanye is no longer with Nike, but that hasn't stopped the brand from releasing the exclusive "Red October" Air Yeezy II and giving them to big time celebrities.  Kanye wasn't pleased with the way Nike treated him while he was with the Swoosh, and it appears he's still not happy with the way things are playing out. During a recent Yeezus performance, the mastermind behind the Red October...
  • 5 Rappers That Can Help Their Hometown NBA Team Re-Brand
     Jay-Z completely changed the culture of Nets basketball when he joined as a minority partner. Albeit, his share was very, very slim, the move to Brooklyn and complete re-branding was a testament to his star power. Recently, the Raptors have been considering re-branding as well, though they plan to stay in Toronto. The Raptors might be swapping colors for a black/gold to mimic Drake's OVO...
  • 10 Of The Funniest Chris Bosh Memes
    Chris Bosh gets caught in more corky and unflattering moments than any other player in the NBA. This has resulted in the Miami Heat power forward becoming one of the most "memed" players in the league. Jokes about being a mascot as well as an ostrich and dinosaur have followed Bosh from Toronto to Miami. B Bosh brings some of it on himself, like the creepy photobombs, totally his fault.  To...
  • NBA's Worst All-Star Selections
    The NBA All-Star Game is one of sports’ most exciting sideshows; a relative streetball contest void of defense and filled with highlights, featuring – ideally – the best collection of basketball players on the planet. Unfortunately, through a variety of channels, the game’s selection process has become a mangled bastardization that all-too-frequently sees questionable guys...
  • Footlocker Reveals Red October Yeezy II Release Date
    Footlocker has listed the "Red October" Yeezy II to release on December 27th, at select House of Hoops locations. There will be blood.
  • Most Ridiculous 2013 VMA Outfit? 2 Chainz Vs. Riff Raff
    We saw some wacky outfits last night at the VMAs, but none (well, maybe Miley Cyrus')  top Riff Raff and 2 Chainz choices. Between snakeskin pants, pink shoes, and all over patterns head to toe, its hard to pick a winner for who wore it worst.Click through to see both outfits, and decide using our "cop or not" rating.  
  • Metta World Peace Goes On Insane Twitter Rant
     Metta World Peace rang in the New Year with a series of bizarre tweets. Enough said;  Happy Valentines Day. — Metta World Peace (@MettaWorldPeace) January 2, 2014 I mean, happy new years!!! im tripping — Metta World Peace (@MettaWorldPeace) January 2, 2014 Did yal see the response to "Hello Kitty"? Its called" What Pit Bull" It's in stores now — Metta...
  • Politickin': Hip-Hop Tweets On The Election
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    With voting happening today all around the United Stated, celebrities and musicians have been outspoken on who they're supporting in order to garner more votes for their Presidential candidate. Regardless of who your favorite rapper is voting for, you should make it your job to vote in today's election.HNHH is taking a look at what the hip-hop world has been saying on Twitter in regards to the...
  • 10 Biggest NBA Beefs
    NBA contests can be some of the most heated competitions in all of sports.  Incredible abilities and enormous egos clash on the biggest of stages on a nightly basis.  With so much adrenaline, testosterone, and sheer will power, it's only natural for elbows to be thrown, flagrant fouls to occur and occasionally, brawls to break out.  Most of these overly aggressive actions occur in the heat of...
  • Report: Lamar Odom Smoked Oxycontin & Cocaine On Mavs
    Details of Lamar Odom’s personal issues continue to pour in, and things are looking even more bleak.  Early reports were that Odom was using crack, and family members could not find him.  His family has since said that they are with him trying to help him with his substance abuse issues. Now TMZ reveals that this has been an on-going problem for The Goods for at least a couple years. ...
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