• Laker Nick Young Supports Kendrick's Verse & Throws Jabs At Drake
    The world of hip hop is still reeling after Kendrick Lamar’s electric name-calling verse on “Contact (HOF)” earlier this week.  K.Dot made reference to Phil Jackson, and even elicited a response from the 11-time championship coach. In an interview with DIME, new Lakers swingman, Nick Young, was asked about the Compton rapper as the two have been linked in the past.  Turns out Young and...
  • Wiz Khalifa's Personally Designed Converse
  • Spike Lee Tells Michael Jordan Gambling Story With Magic & Barkley
    Michael Jordan is a compulsive competitor and not only on the basketball court.  The tales of his cut-throat competitive streak have been told for years, and this infamously has seeped over into his gambling.  He was renowned in his youth for staying up all night playing cards, and then playing or training the next day. In a site down interview with SI, Spike Lee talks about the time he was...
  • Trinidad James Say Bel-Air Jordans Aren't Worth It
  • Kevin Durant Sad About Posing For Pic With Justin Bieber
    Kevin Durant has been busy this summer putting work in various summer leagues, recently dropping 63 points in Jamal Crawford’s Seattle Pro-Am.  Usually Durant is an affable dude, and only shows his cut-throat competitive nature when hooping, but yesterday was the exception. Running into Justin Bieber, KD alongside Tyson Chandler, posed for a photo with a topless Biebs who posted it on his...
  • A Tribe Called Quest 20 Year Mixtape Anniversary
    20 years ago, A Tribe Called Quest released their "Moreland Marauders" mixtape. To commemorate the hip-hop classic, Atlanta based Wish designed a collection of T-shirts inspired by the hip-hop group. Alongside the collection, Wish worked with DJs Mars, Kerosene, and Trauma to create a special mixtape of the original "Moreland Maruaders" release. Listen below, and pickup one of the shirts from...
  • Kobe Bryant Discusses His Failed Rap Career
    Another interview with Kobe Bryant as he tours Asia, this time as part of his Lenova Manila Tour in the Philippines.  Besides the usual questions about his drive, and recovery from his Achilles injury, Bryant was asked some hip hop related questions. Standing in an arena with hoards of screaming fans, and multiple cardboard Kobe cutouts behind him, the Lakers legend was asked by the moderator...
  • DJ A-Tron Talks Kicks With SneakerMob
  • Michelle Obama Releasing Hip Hop-Inspired Album Feat. Iman Shumpert
    In her continuing effort to raise awareness for physical fitness in a battle against childhood obesity, Michelle Obama is releasing a hip hop-inspired album called “Let’s Move.” The album will likely not feature the first Lady spitting on the mic or anything along those lines, but the 19 track project will feature a cut from Knicks guard Iman Shumpert, who is easily one of the best rappers...
  • Jordan 1 'Bin' Premium Customs
  • 10 Criminal NBA Players
    A few NBA players have made headlines this summer for their off-court antics which has led to fines, suspensions, and even gone to court.  Michael Beasley was charged with marijuana possession (again) and now may be cut by the Suns.  NBA journeyman, Terrel Harris was suspended five games for testing positive for a banned substance (most likely weed).  Plus, Terrence Jones was recently booked...
  • DJ Khaled Suffering From Sneaker Habit
  • Team YOLO: NBA's 10 Most Irrationally Confident Players
    A couple weeks ago, Derrick Rose made headlines with a proclamation that he - in his own eyes - was still the NBA's best player. The statement seemed deluded at the time, what with Kevin Durant scoring at an All-Time rate, that LeBron guy doing basically everything at an All-Time rate, and Rose having not played in over a year. That said, this was coming from a player who'd won an MVP during...
  • NBA's 9 Ugliest Jerseys That Need Makeovers
    It's the off season and many teams are using this time to overhaul their rosters and franchises in an effort to get a fresh starts.  It brings the opportunity to transform a franchise's image with draft picks, free agents, and, in some cases, the possibility of new jerseys.  Some teams certainly need a uniform change so we are going to look at nine teams that are in desperate need of some new...
  • Trinidad James' Best And Rarest Sneakers
  • 10 Dope & Crazy Cars NBA Players Own
    It's common for players to come from an impoverished background, so they're quick to dip into their newly deepened pockets to style on people and show off their personal flair.  Having more money than you know what to do with, and wanting to make an impression on people, NBA players can be known to trick out a ride - often times to the car's detriment.   We take a look at 10 Dope and Crazy...
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