• Best NBA Images From The Week
    We've got a little bit of everything this week as far as the best images are concerned. Court side celebrities, mascots, fans, and of course, incredible NBA game shots. John Legend, Spike Lee, Michael J. Fox, and Chris Rock were all in attendance at MSG to watch the Knicks stink up the joint. Kevin Durant put up video game numbers, and the mascots were running wild.  Check out the best...
  • Top 10 Hip Hop Inspired Sneakers
    The hip-hop world and the sneaker community have a long withstanding relationship that goes way beyond OVO Jordans. In fact, sneakers have often incorporated a rapper, group, or album on the sneaker itself, to commemorate a milestone or release.  For example, the "De La Soul" Nike SBs was designed by the group, features the groups name stamped on the heel, and includes some of their album...
  • Jay-Z Hit With $600M Trademark Lawsuit Over Brooklyn Nets
    Jay-Z is facing a $600M lawsuit from a man who claims he trademarked the "Brooklyn Nets" name before the Nets ever moved out of New Jersey.  The plaintiff, Dr. Francois de Cassagnol, filed the complaint on December 9th, 2013. He claims he registered the "Brooklyn Nets" term over 10 years ago, and that Hova, the NBA, and Bruce Ratner (developer) fraudulently conspired, and used loopholes in...
  • Carmelo Anthony Curses Out 76er's Fan
    The Knicks took another devastating loss last night, at home, against the Philadelphia 76er's. Knicks fans were outraged by the time the final seconds ticked down, and booed their hometown heroes into the locker room. 76er's fans were apparently taking their shots at the Knicks also, and Melo wasn't having it anymore. According to reports, in the final minutes of the game a fan yelled at...
  • Jay-Z Poses In Taxi Air Jordan 12s
    Jay-Z posed in Taxi Jordan 12s while recreating an Andy Warhol picture for KodakLens. The Taxis always look smooth, even though they've lost some of their appeal given the recent retro. 
  • Top-10 Alternate Jerseys In The NBA
    The amount of jerseys that one NBA team can have is an exhausting list. Throwbacks, short-sleeved, alternate home, nickname, the list goes on. Definitively classifying a jersey as an 'alternate' is a task all in itself, considering teams often wear these rare jerseys just as much as any other uniform.  That said, there are still a select few teams that have true alternate jerseys and its...
  • Chris Paul, Kendrick Lamar, And Eminem On Cover Of ESPN Magazine
    Chris Paul and Kendrick Lamar take the cover on one of three ESPN the Magazine covers dubbed the "Music Issue." Chris Paul went with the Jordan Bordeaux 7s for the shoot, which also featured Kobe Bryant in his Nike Kobe 9 Elite, and Eminem in a Nike Air Max 90. 
  • New Air Jordan 1 Mid Infrared 23
    The Air Jordan 1 Mid "Infrared 23" is the latest in the growingly line of infrared inspired Air Jordans. The upper is constructed of a tonal black leather, using infrared accents on the vibrant midsole, laces and branding. A release date has not been announced but these should be a popular pick-up when they drop.
  • Girlfriend Destroys Her Mans Kicks
    "Ooh, she killed me with those." That's not what a sneakerhead wants to be saying about his scorned girlfriend, in regards to his coveted kicks. Though we don't know what provoked the shredding of multiple pairs of Jordans, we can all be glad we aren't 'that guy.' Steel 10s, Bred 11s, Gamma Blue 11s, Cool Grey 9s, Air Max 95s…Forget about it. 
  • Kobe Bryant And Nicki Minaj On The Cover Of ESPN Magazine
    Kobe Bryant has been sidelined with injury, but that hasn't stopped him from landing the cover of ESPN Magazine with Nicki Minaj. The Super Bowl preview issue has been dubbed the "Music Issue," and will dive into the infamous Janet Jackson Super Bowl wardrobe malfunction. Kobe also speaks on the connection between music and sports in the issue;  “I don’t care what profession...
  • Adidas Top Ten Campaign Featuring Danny Brown
    Danny Brown is welcoming back the Adidas Top Ten by declaring them the official kicks of himself and Detroit natives. The Adidas Top Ten, which are set to release on January 24th, debuted over 3 decades ago and was designed for the Top Ten players in the NBA during the late '70's.  Speaking with Complex, Brown said; "We were wearing Concordes, Forums, and Top 10s. That was like Detroit's...
  • Nas Talks About The Sneaker Business
    Professional skater, Paul Rodriguez, sat down with Nas to pick his brain about the sneaker business at Agenda Emerge 2014. The New York rapper also speaks on his new sneaker store, 12AM:Run.
  • Air Jordan 4 - Knicks
    Fuda Customs "Knicks" Air Jordan 4 rendition features all the familiar colors New Yorker's know and love. The base sneaker was the "Military Blue" Air Jordan 4, which gets treated with an orange upper. Knicks logos are stamped on the ankle collar, with hits of blue and white setting everything off.
  • 7 Ugliest Jump Shots In The NBA
    Jump shots. Everybody has their own style. The best, can shoot from inside a phone booth. The worst, should warn us before they plan on shooting. Sky scraping releases, shoe lace releases, hitches in the follow through, and two handed jumpers are all characteristics of the ugliest looking jump shooters in the NBA. 
  • Top 12 Animal Themed Sneakers
    Today, January 17th, is actor Jim Carrey's 52nd birthday. No, he is not a sneakerhead. But, he did star in the movie Ace Ventura: Pet Detective.  Animals are a huge draw in the sneaker world, and have inspired more sneakers than I care to count. This list attempts to narrow down some of the best animal-inspired kicks, by choosing 12 different animals, and their influence on 12 different...
  • Kobe Bryant Attends Class At Boston College
    Kobe Bryant is part of a dying breed that skipped collegiate athletics and went straight from Lower Merion High School to the NBA. Last night, however, Kobe was a college student for the first time, as he sat in on some marketing classes at Boston College.  The Lakers are in Boston for a Friday night matchup against the Celtics, which led Kobe to explore his post-basketball career by way of...
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