Major Money: Rappers Who Signed Million-Dollar Deals
    What most music fans don’t know is that a major record label deal is not guaranteed change in your pocket. A recording contract is essentially a legal agreement which allows the record label to exploit an artist’s work through recorded material. This includes the album’s release, promotion, marketing, sales… you name it.
    Charts Don't Lie: July 25th
    It was yet another unpredictable week on the charts, with Meek Mill being dethroned by none other than -- Tyrese? That's right, the veteran R&B star turnt Furious 7 actor has landed his very first number one with his sixth studio album. Meanwhile, Meek Mill keeps the units moving, sticking close at the number three spot.
    Top Tracks: June 15 - June 21
    In these tumultuous and confusing times, it’s good to know we have Lil Wayne. Weezy was just about the only constant in this week’s Top 10, with nearly all other tracks getting washed out in a wave of new music. Let’s get started. 10) Tyga ft. Boosie Badazz – Pleazer
    Charts Don't Lie: May 30
    It was another less-than-stellar week on the Billboard 200, at least for rap releases. Jamie Foxx managed to sneak into the top ten with his new LP, Hollywood: A Story of A Dozen, but for the most part we saw the big releases continuing their slow descent into top 30-40 territory. Slowly but surely, Drake and J.
    Charts Don't Lie: June 6
    After a few uneventful weeks on the charts, ASAP Rocky and Boosie Badazz brought some much-needed excitement with their strong debuts. Each a respective triumph, Rocky took the number one spot, while Boosie moved in comfortably at number 3.
    Wiz Khalifa Defines "Blacc Hollywood"
    Wiz Khalifa is currently working on a new album, Blacc Hollywood. He's already revealed some of the artists he's working with on the album, including The Weeknd, Miley Cyrus and Adele, while he's released just one (possible) album cut, "Look Into My Eyes." Although the updates on the album have been a little slow lately, we got to speak to Wiz about the whole concept of 'Blacc Hollywood.'
    Charts Don’t Lie: November 3
    Last week we saw several independent rappers make their debut on the charts (sort of-- some of them didn't sell enough to actually chart, yet), but this week we return to the big guns, like Drake and DJ Khaled. Khaled is an interesting case, because while he is definitely considered among the 'big guns' aka mainstream stars, he didn't move mainstream numbers.
    Apple To Reportedly Shut Down Beats Music Streaming Service
    Last week, we learned that Dr. Dre's veritable unicorn of an album, previously thought to be titled Detox, will probably arrive under another title, and today comes the news that you may not be able to stream said album on Dre's own streaming service.
    Charts Don't Lie: June 13
    This week saw a range of debuts from a range of artists. The top entry within rap and R&B went to Jason Derulo who slid in at number four, just under Rocky who managed to have another strong week. A little farther down Chicago drill hero Lil Durk put his debut album in at number 14, and Dom Kennedy quietly slipped in at 23.
    Charts Don't Lie: May 9
    This wasn't a very exciting week for rap on the charts. Over the last couple cycles we've seen the same albums slowly descending, with Drake being the only record to have a second wind in recent weeks. We did see Kehlani's debut this week, taking a page from Drizzy and Young Thug's playbook and putting her "mixtape" on iTunes.
    Charts Don't Lie: May 23
    This week saw the debut of Snoop Dogg's Pharrell-helmed funk opus, which had a pretty modest opening, placing at number 14. While Tech N9ne blew us away with his top 5 debut last week, he fell considerably this cycle, moving all the way down to number 20. As for the rest of the rap releases, almost everything has been slowly descending the charts incrementally.
    40 Vs. Boi-1da
    OVO Sound is a label founded by Drake, Noah "40" Shebib, and Oliver El-Khatib in 2012. The label consists of Drake and in-house producers 40, Boi-1da, T-Minus, Mike Zombie. PartyNextDoor, Majid Jordan, ILoveMakonnen and OB O'Brien are also affiliated with the crew.
    Charts Don’t Lie: February 22
    Obviously the biggest topic of this week's Charts is Drizzy Drake. The rapper utilized the surprise release tactic that we've seen several artists find success with over the last year or two, and it definitely paid off for him as well.
    Charts Don't Lie: September 1
    We see two new entries when it comes to hip-hop on Charts Don't Lie this week. They belong to Odd Future's Earl Sweatshirt and A$AP Mob's A$AP Ferg. While both rappers moved respectable amounts, it gives us a moment to think about the whole ideas of crews in hip-hop, and how no matter what, there is always one rap leader who has to make an impression on the audience first.
    Charts Don't Lie: December 8
    This week nothing major dropped in terms of hip-hop. Nonetheless, overall album sales went up by 42%. To what can we blame this spike in sales? It would be safe to say Black Friday, which is basically the commencement of the holiday season/shopping frenzy.
    Charts Don’t Lie: December 21
    It's a Cole Winter. The rapper surprised us when he announced his new album 2014 Forest Hills Drive in late November, and released the album shortly thereafter. J. Cole stripped the album release of all things unnecessary, from endless promo interviews where the same subjects are broached again and again, to excessive bonus records, to the expected listening sessions with industry insiders.
    Vinylz Talks About Creation Of J. Cole's "Tale Of 2 Citiez" & Big Sean's "Blessings"
    Vinylz already had a pretty big 2014, but he's setting himself up to have an even bigger 2015. You probably saw the name Vinylz in 2014, or at least you might recognize it, but you probably aren't super familiar with who he is a producer. His frequent collaborator though, Boi-1da, is definitely a name you know a thing or two about.
    Charts Don't Lie: July 11
    After a few weeks of relative inactivity on the charts, this was a very exciting cycle for debuts. The biggest story, of course, is Meek Mill's miraculous 250k entry into the charts, giving him the 3rd biggest rap sales week this year (behind only Drake and Kendrick Lamar). Miguel pulled in at number two with his third studio album, WILDHEART, while Vince Staples made a more modest entry at 39.
    Top Tracks: May 17- May 24
    This week featured the return of a few rappers we haven’t heard from in a while as well as one name we never thought we’d see on our Top 100 chart to begin with...and this lady rounds out the Top 10. Let’s get to it. 10) Taylor Swift ft. Kendrick Lamar – Bad Blood (Remix) Hell, if Rod Stewart can get a moment in the hip-hop sun, why not Tay Tay?
    Charts Don't Lie: July 4th
    The only true debut in this week's charts came from King Los' God Money War. While the pre-cursor to Los' upcoming official debut managed to move 7,357 units (8,331 with streams), it only came in at number 67.
    Charts Don’t Lie: March 15
    This week we’re seeing a new entry with G-Unit’s The Beast Is G-Unit EP hitting the charts. Although it moved under 20k opening week, we doubt the Unit is too upset.
    Charts Don't Lie: January 4
    This week we see a few fluctuations within Charts Don't Lie, however Nicki Minaj keeps the #2 spot on lock with The Pinkprint. It's not a bad resting place per say, although we're sure #1 would have felt that much better. Nicki's numbers have been better than we expected, however, they're no Taylor Swift. In her second week out, she brought her total sales to just over 300k-- J.
    Rap By Numbers: A Break Down Of Hip-Hop Sales & More
    Since it's evolution from the late 1980s, hip-hop music has gone from strength to strength. Nothing tells the story of this success better than seeing the facts by numbers. We often hear about first week album sales, and then there's always Forbes annual break-down of the wealthiest celebrities, but after that, we forget about it.
    Charts Don't Lie: April 11
    This week is an exciting not only due to a lot of movement in the chart, but the fact that four rap albums take up the top spots on the Billboard 200. Yes, one happens to be a soundtrack, but seeing that the tracklist is made up almost entirely of hip-hop and RnB, it's hard to see it any other way.
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