• The Most Overused Sneaker Designs
    Like anything, sneakers are guilty of taking on trends. Some trends stick around and are used again throughout the years, sparingly. Others, are just beaten to a pulp and become nauseating at the very site. Recently, there has been an overwhelming amount of repeated patterns and colorways that need to be addressed. Not all of these designs make the sneaker horrible, or unbearable, but everything...
  • Chris Bosh Videobombs LeBron After Heat's First Win (Video)
    The Miami Heat started their season of right by receiving their championship rings, defeating an Eastern conference rival on a nationally televised game, and topping it all off with a Chris Bosh videobomb. During their historic 27 game winning streak, Bosh, LeBron James, and Dwyane Wade caught the videobomb bug when their teammates were being interviewed after wins - you can see my grades for...
  • 25 Photos Of Artists Wearing Halloween Costumes
    Halloween arrives tomorrow, and it's the time of the year where grown ass men and women can get away with dressing up as whatever they want, really, and usually for women, that involves showing as much skin as possible. Rappers and celebrities like to one-up us regular folks by often wearing elaborate and intricate costumes, and so if you're in need of some procrastination or if you're in need...
  • Nike LeBron 11 "Miami Nights"
    We've previously reviewed at this sneaker this sneaker as a "carbon fiber" Nike LeBron 11. Traditionally, the LeBron 11 is constructed of foamposite material. However, this "Miami Nights" version of the sneaker includes a carbon fiber print, as well as an icy blue sole that creeps its way onto the outsole.Cloaked in black, the sneaker is contrasted by fusion pink and includes dark grey accents....
  • Barack Obama Welcomes Derrick Rose Back To The NBA
    One of the main storylines going into this season is the return of Derrick Rose, as fans had waited nearly a year and a half from the time he injured his ACL and he played real meaningful NBA minutes.  We saw him look explosive and return to form during the preseason, but he hadn't really made a full comeback until he played a regular season game.  One Chicago native that was hyped for D Rose's...
  • Gold Jordan XIs Worn On Opening Night: NBA Sneaker Recap
    The NBA is back! And last night, there was plenty of heat that had the sneakerheads talking. Twitter was a buzz with people who either loved or hated Ray Allen's "Two Rings" Jordan 11 PE.LeBron's "Ring Night" 11's looked dope, and even Chris "Birdman" Andersen got in on the action, rocking the exclusive LeBron X "Championship Pack." Dwyane Wade wore his funky zebra-striped Li-Ning Way of Wade...
  • Guy In Office Dunks All Over Michael Jordan...Cardboard Cutout (Video)
    Here's a funny Vine making the rounds of a dude dunking on Michael Jordan.  Well, that's the sensationalized title, but what it really is is a guy in an office who catches a mini ball in the post and makes some pivot moves on a life size Jordan cutout.  He then takes off and dunks all over cardboard Mike breaking him in half. If we had a MJ cutout in the BOA offices I gotta say I'd be doing...
  • Contest: Win Tickets to Snoop's Snoopadelic Halloween
    HotNewHipHop has partnered up with IMP Entertainment and are giving away 2 pairs of tickets to the Snoopadelic Halloween Experience hosted by Snoop Dogg this Thursday, October 31st, at Boulevard3 in Hollywood - Los Angeles, CA. CONTEST RULES: 1. Follow @HotNewHipHop on Instagram.2. Repost this photo and include "@HotNewHipHop #HNHHHALLOWEEN" in the caption. Two winners will win a pair of...
  • 10 Sneakers That Were Inspired By Movies
    Sneakers draw on inspiration from almost anything. The Air Jordan 14 was designed to resemble a Ferrari. Every sports city has a sneaker colorway modeled after their teams. We've seen multiple kicks themed on Holidays. Hell, the LeBron 8 "Sprite" was inspired by a soda. One of the most popular places that sneakers draw on inspiration is on the big screen. Film, and Television, inspired kicks...
  • 15 Spooky Rap Videos
    22 Likes3 Dislikes
    Halloween is less than 48 hours away at this point and it's about time for us to offer up some of what we think are the creepiest, spookiest, most disturbing rap videos ever made. There isn't any particular order here, but this list is sure to get you in the mood for the biggest fright night of the year. Happy Halloween and enjoy!
  • Andre Drummond Jumps Over A Grandpa To Dunk & Gets Scored On By Him
    Andre Drummond continues his Vine/Instagram video dominance.  This past summer we saw Drummond dunk on, and get dunked on by girls, work on his handles at the airport, and then show us his new funky free throw technique. His latest video installment features him jumping over a grandpa and dunking - he cleared the elderly man with ease and took off from fairly far out.  Then in the next video,...
  • 5 Dope Halloween Themed Kicks Released This Month
    Whether or not you plan on wearing your newest pick-ups this for Halloween, you're probably planning on rocking something with a black and orange, or other ghoulish color scheme.Lucky for us sneakerheads, there were plenty of releases in the month of October that are both fresh and new, and also support the Holiday spirit. Sometimes its more than just the colorway that gives a sneaker a festive...
  • Cement Jordan 3s NOT Released
    In a blow to sneakerheads everywhere, word on the streets is the Black/Cement Air Jordan 3 '88 will NOT be releasing. That type of news is too diabolical, even for a Monday. After the White/Cement 3 '88 released it was almost a certainty amongst the sneaker community that the black version would also be retro'd. It seems those were all just rumors though, and a Black/Cement 3 '88 release was...
  • Derrick Rose Says It Will Be "Scary" When He Finds His "Groove"
    Derrick Rose says he's 100 percent healthy, but is still finding his rhythm on the court, and once he does it will be "scary" for the opposition. During his rehab process, Rose had told people that he was more explosive than before, and stronger then prior to his ACL injury.  He looked dominate in the preseason as each game he was playing with more confidence, and making sharper decisions....
  • Review: DJ Khaled's "Suffering From Success"
    6 Likes26 Dislikes
    DJ Khaled has been behind some of the hottest records of the last few years and if there's one thing he's made consistently clear it's that he has a winning formula for hits. This is also his greatest fault. It's never been so clear how one dimensional DJ Khaled's music really is than here on Suffering From Success, the DJ's seventh studio album. Regardless of what the title suggests, Suffering...
  • LeBron Calls Allen Iverson The "Pound For Pound Greatest Ever"
    LeBron James says that Allen Iverson is "pound for pound" the greatest to ever play in the NBA. There's been a lot of talk lately about LeBron James' place among the greatest of all-time.  While he says that Michael Jordan is the best ever in his eyes, King James admits he is striving to be considered the best to ever play. These conversations have sparked responses from the likes of Magic...
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