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How does that saying go?? Oh yes, “Every day a star is born”. We live in a world where it seems like every day, someone knew comes into the sight of the public, displaying their talents as an entertainer, and we are always told they are the next big thing. But, once and a while somebody comes along that doesn’t need a dramatic introduction, because what shines is their persona, their talents, their gift. Someone whose talents are a breath of fresh air and speak for themselves, but are just a glimpse of what that individual is capable of. Born in Brooklyn NY, June 25th 1986, raised in Beacon NY, a Sacred Heart University Graduate, 2008 Olympic Trials participant in the 200m & 400m Dash, and ½ of the hip hip group Physha P Fam, Arie “BeBe Boohgz” Dixon has become one of today’s top, “NEED TO LOOK OUT FOR” Artists. Arie Dixon was introduced to the form of making music in the 5th grade, when his best friend Chris Mendes (who he mentions in such songs like “Its Going Down 2night) nonchalantly asked him if he wanted to rap. As a fan of music, they went on to form a group with a few close friends, just for the fun and the love of it. But on July 1st, 2001 Chris Mendes was in a terrible car accident and passed away. The death separated the group, and left Arie Dixon an emotional wreck and for months he became very secluded, only left with his thoughts. Letting the promise that he gave to Chris when he died be the reason, fueled by the anger and pain, and allowing his talents being the focus, Arie”BeBe Boohgz” Dixon was born. BeBe Boohgz is the 1 man army, (artist/producer), that believes in making music that not only people love, but the music that people can feel. With music sounding the same and the game filled with artists who are scared to be themselves there is no doubt about it that BeBe Boohgz is amongst the artists who do not want to just fit in. If music was a small room of similar artists standing in their own group, BeBe Boohgz has found a way to kick in the door, and stand in his own corner and forcing all eyes on him. He has found a way to make the music that the game has been missing. The raw and uncut witty lyrics that showcase he is not scared to say how he feels, with a level of honesty and pain, followed with a care free playful thought process, on top of head knodding beats and melodic hooks. To say the least, BeBe Boohgz, is NEXT UP!!!


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