The world's facing a major shift in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. Though most people are still practicing social distancing, many are ready for the world to return to normal or at least, close to normal. Vaccines probably won't be out until next year, if we're lucky, but Apple's latest update is meant to facilitate a few of the changes that we'll have to live with in the future.

iOS 13.5 has improved and included a few features that reflect the current shift we're going through such as within the facial recognition system. For those who've used the feature, it's probably been difficult with a mask covering your face. The new facial recognition feature is compatible with masks. Prior to this, it would've taken numerous attempts to get to the option of typing in your passcode. In addition to accessing your phone, the facial recognition system will also work with Apple Books, Apple Pay, and iTunes.

Another major update is the new technology in collaboration with Google is the Exposure Notification API that's meant to help with contract tracking the spread of the disease. A third-party app will need to be downloaded but the new feature is meant to help health authorities trace the spread of the virus. 

"Starting today, our Exposure Notifications technology is available to public health agencies on both iOS and Android," it reads in their blog. "What we’ve built is not an app—rather public health agencies will incorporate the API into their own apps that people install. Our technology is designed to make these apps work better. Each user gets to decide whether or not to opt-in to Exposure Notifications; the system does not collect or use location from the device; and if a person is diagnosed with COVID-19, it is up to them whether or not to report that in the public health app. User adoption is key to success and we believe that these strong privacy protections are also the best way to encourage use of these app.