Andi Roxx

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When she was a little girl, in San Francisco she once defeated Chuck Norris in an arm wrestling match while singing her ABC's. In high school she slapped her music teacher for forcing the class to sing "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" and taught the class herself. In church she convinced the choir to sing new standards such as Beyonce's "Naughty Girl" and Destiny's Child "Say My Name" . The newly re-christened GOBOTXX Choir defeated 9,000 choirs to become grand choir champions. Kim Kardashian calls her for beauty tips. Who is this woman? Her name is ANDI ROXX. Ass kicker, microphone lover, a rebel with the voice of an angel. Harder than Mike Tyson in his prime, the stunning beauty of a Playboy centerfold and curves fiercer than the body lines of a Lamborghini. After high school ANDI ROXX became a highly desired singer and performer, joining the now defunct group Johnny Fresh and was introduced to the Squad Music Family by winning the annual mud wrestling match between her former group members by making the former lead singer Jin Chhabra submit with a figure four leglock. Gaining some local notoriety with a single "Soulsonic Therapy Part II" this led to more opportunities and ANDI ROXX going solo. ANDI ROXX has become a stand out artist in her own right. Her music and look, has been labeled as DIRTY POP, and she has embraced the title, the square peg of DIRTY POP. Because in her words "She doesn't fit into stupid circles." Some might think the word DIRTY describes an attitude and some might describe it as the pinch of Grime her music has. Well you will have to decided for yourself by listening to ANDI ROXX’s music. Songs like “Preying Mantis” is a perfect example of a smooth lady killer, a killer of hearts, only because her heart has been damaged as well. The lyrics are filled with so many warnings to male species who refuse to heed her warning. She also has songs like “I Don’t Want Your Man” which simply describes the insecurity of women when she is around their men. ANDI ROXX is the ultimate Goddess. She will set the spot on fire and will have you coming back for more heat over and over again!


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