Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose have always had a special relationship. The two were once inseparable and even after their break-up, they've been taking turns co-parenting their son, Sebastian. While they likely have their spats in private like any separated couple, Wiz and Amber seem to consistently keep things cordial in the public eye. The once-married couple has now gone their own ways but obviously, some of the material possessions given during their time together still mean a lot. Of course, engagement rings and the like are things that you try to hold on to and Amber had plans to pass the one Wiz gave her to Bash when it came time for him to marry... until it was stolen from her home.

A police report was filed last week by Amber where she claims that the engagement ring given to her by Khalifa more than six years ago has gone missing. She apparently looked for the ring in her closet before realizing it was nowhere to be found. The entertainer last saw it one month ago according to TMZ. Amber is said to be "heartbroken" about losing the symbol of her bond with Wiz, hoping that the police somehow find it. Things aren't looking too good though as it's been difficult to track down where it might have been misplaced because of how many people enter and exit Rose's home on a regular basis.

The piece of jewelry was initially valued at $150K when it was purchased in March 2012. Amber has been keeping her cool on social media, leaving matters in the hands of law enforcement officials.