There is no denying that Amanda Nunes is one of the greatest UFC fighters in the history of the league. She currently holds two titles as she is the bantamweight and featherweight champion. It's fairly rare to hold a title in two separate divisions, so Nunes's accomplishment is certainly significant. Not to mention, she is the first fighter to ever successfully defend a title in two different divisions. Nunes has yet to be defeated in 11 matches, which is a streak that began all the way back in 2014. Needless to say, everyone wants a shot at being the person to finally hand her a loss.

Amanda Nunes

Steve Marcus/Getty Images

On December 12th at UFC 256, Megan Anderson will be given that chance as she has been pegged to fight Nunes for the featherweight title. Anderson is no slouch when it comes to the UFC as she boasts a record of 11-4 and has been on a nice streak as of late. Her fight against Nunes will be her biggest opportunity in the UFC and she'll certainly be excited to prove herself.

At 32 years old, Nunes still has plenty of gas left in the tank and she has admitted that she still has so much left to prove in her career. With the fight less than four months away, you can be sure both fighter are training extra hard for this one.