Alex Smith came back from one of the worst injuries that have ever been witnessed in sports. Smith underwent rehabilitation of tibia and fibula fractures that were further complicated by an aggressive infection. He could have died. But Smith made his way back into the starting lineup last year before retiring in the off-season. Now, the veteran quarterback is placing his bets on Dak Prescott

“Dak is, I think, one of the most unique athletes in the NFL – and I really think that from like a freakish perspective,” Smith told USA Today. “He is such a strong, powerful, such a good athlete. So I really expect him to come back and be rolling. Then you add that on to his fortitude and mental perspective? I think he’s going to have a huge, huge year.” Dak claims that he's over the injury and ready to keep it rolling. 

"People think about the physical part, him doing his rehab," stated Smith. "Is he going to be as fast, as strong, as agile? So much of that when you step on the field at that level is confidence, right? I think you do, in the process, have to break down those walls that you’ve built up through your injury. I think it’s important to do that before you step on the field. So it is good to hear him say that.”