Akon Volunteers To Pay $5,000 A Month In Child Support

Akon asks for a paternity test to prove two boys are his and is now paying $5,000 in child support.

Rappers being involved in paternity cases is as common as rappers being involved in Twitter beef, so it's not breaking news that Akon (OK, technically not a "rapper") was recently in court for a paternity hearing.  The surprising part, is that the singer had filed the papers trying to prove that he was indeed the father.  

After filing for a paternity test, and the tests proved that he was the father of two children from one mother the court took a look at Akon's monthly earnings to determine how much child support he would pay.  The Locked Up music artists makes a staggering $40,000 a month, and the court determined that he would pay $5,000 of that to the mother for both of his sons.  

This is in addition to the six children Akon has already accounted for. 



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