Aaron Malik

i started rapping at 13 and im still here goin hard at 17, iv been through alot of things...i lost my father 3 years ago a auntie and a cousin and more...iv been bullied, jumped, beat up you name it lol iv done it all...umm my influences are Biggie Pac Nas Andre 3000 Kendrick Lamer Busta Rhymes Crooked I Eminem Royce Da 5'9 Snoop Dog (Snoop Lion) Drake and of Course Me :) my biggest dream as an artist is to make it to the B.E.T awards and SHUT IT DOWN, and also to work with all the greats that paved the way for rappers like me plus i want to make my dad proud and prove everyone wrong so it really means the world when i get a new fan and he or she likes EVEN LOVES my music because growing up i was never good at ANYTHING i was the loser at school and got made fun of whenever...my life now is better eventho ppl still try to pick on me but since im grown up iv realized its best to let those ppl go and just focus on me! i wanna be rememberd as a LEGEND not a damn small time rapper out the suburbs, music is ALL I GOT and to make it big is something i feel like i GOTTA do no matter what AND I REFUSE TO LET ANYONE HOLD ME BACK!! Young beast WILL be a household name, Aaron Malik WILL take hip hop by storm AND AARON MALIK WILL NEVER GIVE UP!!!!


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