Over the past few months, Aaron Rodgers has made his thoughts on COVID-19 crystal clear. Rodgers acknowledges that the pandemic is, indeed, happening, however, he is refusing to take the vaccine. Rodgers claims he is allergic to mRNA vaccines, and he is also adamant that the mainstream media is trying to suppress information about alternative medicine. These stances have been fairly unpopular amongst analysts, although fans are mostly split down the middle.

Recently, Boomer Esiason was hosting a show when he received a text message from a source claiming that Rodgers was going to boycott the Super Bowl if he made it there. Essentially, Rodgers would allegedly demand that the NFL ease back on its COVID-19 mandates, while also holding back on tests for asymptomatic players.

Aaron Rodgers

Stacy Revere/Getty Images

Perhaps the most damning part of the whole clip was when it was revealed that Rodgers had told backup QB Jordan Love to be prepared to play in the Super Bowl should anything go south.

Rodgers saw this report and knew immediately that he had to say something. Rodgers quoted the part about Love and added a laughing emoji, all while using hashtags that suggest this is completely false. Even Love joined in on the response, noting that it was all "fake news."

This should bring sighs of relief to Packers fans, as losing Rodgers in the Super Bowl would be the ultimate smack in the face. Of course, the Packers need to get their first, before Rodgers could even think of such a stunt.