Lamar Jackson is one of the more exciting young quarterbacks in the NFL right now thanks to his skills at running the football whenever he has the chance. While he might not be the passer, Jackson has created some highlight-reel plays and moving forward, the Ravens will be an exciting team to watch because of him. On Thursday night, Jackson showed off what makes him so great while playing against the Green Bay Packers. With open field ahead of him, Jackson rushed for a touchdown that was eventually called back due to a flag. Jackson avoided multiple tackles and he could have gotten hurt.

The play caught the eye of Aaron Rodgers who spoke to Jackson after the game and had some advice for the budding star. 

“I love watching you play, man. That was spectacular,” Rodgers said. “Have a great season. Slide a little bit.” Jackson seemed excited by the advice and replied with a subtle "I got you, baby."

After the game, Jackson talked about the play and explained how it's important for him to take advantage of those opportunities and make the defense pay. 

"If I am out there in the open field, one on one, I have to make you miss," Jackson said according to ESPN. "That's just me. That's how I always played. If I get tackled by one person, I am mad. I feel like I lost that play, could have gained more yards, could have probably scored. I don't know. If I am not passing, if I do decide to run, I am trying to score a touchdown or get a first down. I am not trying to get two yards and get tackled. That's not how I play."

If you're a Ravens fan, you have to like what you see so far.