Hoooly shit, we definitely weren't expecting this. We knew Thug had Slime Season 2 on the way. But an upcoming mixtape with Migos?! Preposterous. 

UPDATE: Two possible mixtape covers have been shared by Migos and Thug. Which one do y'all like better? 

Thugger first shared an Instagram video of himself rapping along to an unheard collaboration with Migos. "THE TAPE OTW!" he captioned the post. Perhaps we'll get a Migos collab on SS2? Quavo was one of the few features on Slime Season.

But nope. Quavo has since confirmed that a joint tape between Migos and Thugger is indeed on the way. 

Of course, when we say Migos, we mean Quavo and Takeoff, as Offset is still locked up. I'm sure they've got some Offset verses in the vault, though, and maybe he'll get out in time to finish up the tape. 

Now, will Migos Thuggin top all of the material that both Thug and Migos have put out this year? 

By the way, Thugger, we're still waiting on that Metro Thuggin

UPDATE: Here's the cover art to Migo Thuggin.