Myself My name is Tokelo Foso, I am a 13 year old boy who resides at Ha Matala in the Maseru district. I was born on the 23rd September 1999 at the Maluti Adventist Hospital at about 19:03 pm. I am 1m 65cm tall, I am also a proud Mosotho and I am currently doing my 9th Grade (S2) at Machabeng College. I come from a family of four in which consists of my father, my mother, my youngest sister and I. In my family I am known as the first Foso grandson because my dad was the first son to have a boy sharing the Foso surname. I resided in different areas of Lesotho due to family/educational purposes. I first lived in Mapoteng for 9 years (1999-2008) with my parents and grandparents. In 2009 I lived in Hlotse with my aunt for 6 months all the way to what I now call my permanent home/residence: Ha Matala. I am dark in complexion, I have black hair and hazelnut eyes. I am also a kind of sophisticated, weird, quiet and crazy person with an ambitious mind trying to find his way into life and be a better person. My Favorites My Favorite sport is Soccer and my favorite soccer player is Lionel Andres Messi. I say he is my favorite player because of his football moves/tricks and his career achievements, if I were to be a soccer played I would wish to follow in his footsteps. My favorite food is Pizza and do I like it. I choose this because out of all the restaurants/shops I have gone to have eaten pizza the most it is as if it is in me to eat Pizza. I also like listening to Music; my favorite genre is Hip Hop and my favorite artists are Drake, Lil Wayne, Kendrick Lamar, The Game and Eminem. They are also my role models. My Family Like I have said before that my family consist of my father , my mother, my sister and I. My father, named Retselisitsoe Foso works as an electrician at LEC(Lesotho Electricity Company). He was born in Mapoteng and is currently 43 years old. He first attended Mapoteng Primary School then went to Dahon High School for secondary, Maseru Day High for High School. He then studied Electric installation at the Lerotholi Polytechnic. My mother, whose birth/maiden name is Litsoanelo Khethisa was born in Mahobong(Leribe) and works as a nurse at EGPAF(Elizabeth Glazer Pediatric Aids Foundation). She first attended Mahobong Primary School then went to Holy Family High School, trained as a nurse at the Maluti School of Nursing from there she went to NUL(National University of Lesotho) where she studied for a Bachelor Degree with a speciality in Community Health Nursing, now she attends Walden University whereby she currently studies for her Masters in Public Health. Unfortunately, there is not much to say about my young sister, Lineo. She was born on the 3rd July 2005 and was also born in the Maluti Adventist Hospital. She is seven years old and is doing her 3rd grade at the Maseru English Medium Prepatory School. My Pet I once had a dog for pet, strange thing is I named him Dog which of course was weird. I got him when I was 6 and I had very little knowledge about animals/naming dogs. We had a tight bond together, I would teach him a few tricks but sadly he died on the week of my 13th birthday due to choking of a bone. I was hurt when I heard the news, he had a friend: Scorpion. They were also close friends and had fun together through the mating and other stuff. I really wish Dog was still alive even now because I would also depend on him…………………May his soul Rest In Peace.   School  I first started school when I was 3 that was when I was in pre-school. I was pretty good there and well behaved.  Then I crossed to MACSEM (Maluti Adventist Church School English Medium) Primary School. I stayed there for three years, I was naughty there I am not going to lie about that but then I was also the most intelligent in class. When I was doing my 3rd grade in 2008, that intelligence took me to Grade 4 that very same year by promotion but sadly that was my last year there.  From MACSEM I went to Leribe English Medium Primary School for my 5th Grade but I stayed there for six months and I wouldn’t say much for the school.  Then the final primary school I went to was Gateway English Medium School. I continued my 5th Grade in August 2009. I wrote my PSLE(Primary School Leaving Examination) at that school and I came out with 1st class. It is situated in Ha Mabote, I had socialized with a lot of people there and made a best friend.  In November 2011, I then had to choose my Secondary/High School and Machabeng was one of my three choices. After my first choice Lesotho High School had rejected me, I had to choose Machabeng College because my second choice was going to take me away from my friends and family which was Harrismith.  In January 2012, I then came to Machabeng College to do Secondary 1. I was nervous on my first day I wanted my mom to come with me; but as the day went my nervoursness got lost. All went well my grades looked promising they got me to S2. I am a Falcon my tutor group is 2CO and my tutor is Mrs. Obi. She is a very good and friendly person and to me is the best tutor I ever had yet.   Friends Friends to me are like my everything, they help me when I need help, they never let me down so do I. We make jokes, share secrets and do anything just to enjoy ourselves or have fun. I made up most of my friends at school and I have only a few at home but I admit that I do feel lonely at some point. At school, most of my friends have their own nicknames including me, they call me Zol, which they name after my very deep voice and thought I smoked the drug Zol funny isn’t it. The closest friend I can mention is Nana Andoh. He is the one that I can tell anything no matter the circumstance, he scratches my back and so do I and my conclusion is that he is one of the best people in my life right now. (No Homo) Ambition My ambition is to be a recording artist and have a record company of my own, I say this because I have a lot of passion but music especially Hip-Hop. If successful, I want to name my record either ZK/YM Music Records and my rap name would be ZK (Zolkid). This would change my life and my life-long dream would come true. Naughty Things I did as a kid  As I was young I did so many stupid things in my life but I can name a few of them.  I remember once I was four, I poured soft porridge inside of a hole I found in a radio and it got wrecked  I also remember I was with my dad and went to visit some relatives. I was about five at the time, he went to the house and I stayed in the car and the key was there. I started it, moved the gears and stepped on the accelerate and the car moved and almost hit the wall, my dad then came out and saw me and hit the brakes. That was wow I thought I was a professional driver.


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