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Music has always been an escape for many Artists growing up in the harsh realities the ghetto can bring. such is the case for a young artist who goes by the name Ze'Nero, born Jose Luis Junior Gonzalez-Nero, on January 9th 1987 in the city of springfield, ma the middle child of 7 to mother Lou Doris Nero, At a young age he was separated from his family and taken into foster care, where he recollects where some of the most difficult times. As far as he can remember since about the age of 12 there has always been a deep passion for music,he spent many years just writing down songs which he then would collect in his shoeboxes influenced by those who could paint a picture with words,raw emotions, and creativity. his heavy influences include kanye west, Kid Cudi, Jay-Z, Mos Def, Dmx, Big L,


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