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The new Ghandi? Maybe not, but this is the closet we’ll possibly get in the Hip-Hop world. He’s Indian and his words are speaking volumes to people. Zami received his dose of Hip Hop at an especially young age. Growing up in Southern California and being a DJ opened his eyes to the growing genre. As a freshman in High School Zami was among the many in Juice county (Orange County, CA) pushing early to be heard. Channeling his emotions and experiences into his art, he progressed quickly to become a witty battle rapper. Although his parental upbringing had no reflection of corruption, the teenage years brought a lot of probation time and sometimes, cuffs for Zami over petty crimes. It wasn’t until college that the “Rebel Without a Cause” complex finally vanished, that Zami started to take his music career seriously. In this time there was a shift in his music which really began to catch ears, and hearts. “Dark past, bright future”, “Be grateful for what you have and ambitious for what you don’t”, and “It’s okay to have your guard up after you’ve been wronged, just don’t let it ruin it for everyone else.” are just a few quotes from Zami’s twitter, which allow us to see the growth of the artist both in maturity and evidently in matters of connection with his fans. Zami started the movement “Good Guy Music Group” in 2011, which later (September 2012) developed into a full blow commercial Artist Development Studio. The operation brought a recording, photography, and videography studio all together under one roof. The company was a staple in Juice County and brought many of the Independent artists in the area into alignment with their work.Unfortunately due to a spoiled partnership, Zami shut down the studio in August of 2013. But from the ashes a phoenix arises. After legalities were sorted out, Zami began the movement “Young and Ambitious Music (YAM)”. This is the artist’s current stance in the game. Young and Ambitious Music and Good Guy Music Group are to coincide in the years to come with YAM as the official offspring of the more corperate father movement. He’s been featured on countless blog sites, racked up views on Youtube (Although the videos may be taken down towards the end of 2014 as his team prepares for the rapper’s first official album launch) and has been featured in Magazines. He’s rocked stages with MIMS, KRS-One, Kid-Ink, Fabolous and other major Billboard names. His experiences in the last year and a half of absence from releasing music are expected to be the core reflection of his album “The Real Me”, to drop in Fall of 2014. With Zami being ready for the world, there’s only one question which remains. Are YOU ready for Zami?


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