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Z-Doe was born in Winston-Salem N.C. at Forsyth Hospital. After three years In Winston-Salem, his mother and he would return back to her home town in Union County North Carolina. Z-Doe spent alot of time around his family which had an historical musical background with his three aunts and uncle being in a well known quartet gospel group and his other uncle being a well known band major. Z-Doe also spent most of his life around his grandfather who was also well known and well respected in the community for running one of fewest black owned business throughout Union County for over thirty years. Being exposed to so much success would shape and mold Z-Doe’s mindset to become the future icon that he is striving to be till this day. From singing on the church chour as a youth to discovering hip hop through Snoop, Z-Doe has always been inspired through music (Literally). "I remember sitting in the car in a church parking lot while waiting on my mother to come back outside, I had to be at least ten or eleven years old (says Z-Doe). I remember the bass line caught my ear because it sound like the bass guitar that I used to hear at the church programs my mothers used to take me to. All of the sudden, I heard this familiar voice say 1,2,3 and to tha 4. That night would change Z-Doe’s life. I felt like I could relate to that voice because I’m from the country and that slang sound like it was from around the way (Says Z-Doe). The Voice of the young Snoop Dogg would make Z-Doe a hardcore hip hop follower. Z-Doe would then transfer to school in Monroe North Carolina. Z-Doe: Monroe is alot different then the town I was living in at the time (Wingate NC). At that time in the early 90’s, Monroe and Wingate were rival towns. Z-Doe would then be introduce to different walks of life through his peers. I went from being around a small town environment to an environment were my closet friends in my sixth grade class sold dope after school (Says Z-Doe). Z-Doe used those experiences to encourage him to wont a better life. Z-Doe would then go from a gospel background with his family to being introduced to the likes of successful hip hop artist such as 2pac,Biggie,and the Wu-Tang Clan. I was tuned in to the Death Row and Bad Boy movement; that was the best times (Says Z-Doe). Music has always been something that Z-Doe could use as a tool to express himself. It was not until six years later that Z-Doe would find out that he could do the same things with words that most of his peers could not do. Z-Doe would then go out around the community and empress his friends with his unique style and word play. With the comparison of Jay-Z and the competitiveness of T.I. seven years later Z-Doe would take that same drive and ambition to make sure that his vision is successful. My State inspires me because that’s all I know at this particular time, so when I talk about life’s experiences it comes from NC (Says Z-Doe).


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