Yung Jonez

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Jackson Jones, better known by his stage name Yung Jonez, was born on April 23 1992. He is an aspiring rapper who turns his thoughts into musical ambitions of his life. Yung Jonez was born in Woodbridge New Jersey, who then moved with his mother, little brother & grandmother to Kissimmee, Florida when he was eight. He attended Poinciana High School and later graduated from Liberty High School . At a young age, his father started disappearing little by little from his life. Being that he was an older brother in a neighborhood were gangs were prominent and there was no father figure in his life, he knew he had to show his little brother that there was more than gangs and the streets. He planned on doing just that from a music booth. Not until he heard Lil Wayne's Drought 3 mixtape, did he decide this was more then an example of a different way out for his brother but a long term goal he wanted for himself. Despite the lost hope and the negative comments from his peers about him being short with glasses, Yung Jonez wrote his first rap in 7th grade but didn't start writing & recording songs seriously untill he was 16 . His sophomore year After working on the remix to "A mili" by the artist Lil Wayne and putting it on myspace, a group of friends now his brothers reached out to him to join there group formally known as "Gameface" now "Scarecrow" they all plan on working on solo records for right now, but also plan on meeting up on the road to success.. Yung Jonez, the perfect example of not judging a book by its cover, is lyrical with a dash of street and complex punch lines giving the listeners more then just a good beat to hear but something to make them think .


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