Born Aric Smith, YYT, which stands for "Why You Think". Lived in Northern Virgina until the age of 16 before moving to Southern California. I started doing music, playing guitar and composing songs, in California. It was more of a hobby to start off. At 19 he joined the Army as an Infantryman which took him overseas for 5 years. Towards the end of his enlistment, he started experimenting with Hip Hop, participating in freestyle competitions in Seoul, South Korea and recording remixes. After a half year YYT decided that battle rapping wasn't for him, but production and recording original songs for performances and records was. In the Army, YYT managed to save and invest a good chunk of funds, and after his enlistment was up, he stayed in Korea to pursue being a music artist full time. He figured since Seoul South Korea had a large independent underground music scene, he would learn the ropes, master his craft, and define his style before going back stateside to attack the scene there. Over 2 years YYT participated in many local events with other artists. He learned some of the ins and outs of promoting and establishing a small fan base. A good friend of YYT, Jermey Rondell, who owns Iconz Media LLC, took him under his wing and helped him land shows and a few collaborations with Korean rapper Dwayne and a rapper from Hawthorne California, GMO. YYT is an original, versatile artist, not conforming to the stereotypical genres of Hip-Hop. He has his serious subject matters, and he has his "Mobbin" songs, which is the term that floated around the club scenes he frequented for club bangers. Over the last year, YYT has dealt with many shortfalls, which have only made him more determined to make this into a profitable and successful career. His lifestyle choices are more mainstream now, then in the past, and many people relate to them. YYT loves and encourages everyone to be themselves, what he strives for everyday. YYT always says and acts in the way he feels by showing his true character and heart, which led to his catch phrase "D.O.I." meaning Dependent on Independence. This motivates him and gives him direction and a focus... the peak of his high that he is always chasing. Everyday YYT learns new things and see new styles, and he incorporates them into his own aura in the way that he feels that he can embrace them the best. Since he focuses on being a individual and not a member of a fad or trend, it allows him to deal with life in a different light, rather than suffering from the same social anxiety that most people react under by changing themselves and their persona by what the vast majority deem "cool" or trending. YYT understands by doing this, it seems he is a contradictory individual, but he does it for his own happiness, and not for others to like him. Recently YYT moved back to the Northern Virginia area to be closer to family, and to set up his own mini-studio to start bumping out an official mix-tape.He has a catalog of over 50+ songs over the last 2 years, but never compiled any together officially because he didn't feel he was at the spot because his craft was still defining. YYT's aspirations are to be an act that gets people excited, that gets people thinking, and gets people moving. YYT is open to all types of learning, and he always find himself researching everything from record labels to 90's rap schemes so he can assimilate whats hot, what works, and what doesn't, so he can build a unstoppable, all original, artist. YYT met with Mr. Alonzo Black, CEO of Zobe, who saw a lot of potential in him and decided to represent him exclusively. Since then Zobe has worked with YYT on increasing his fan base, booking him shows, increasing his exposure, maintaining his image, and you will be seeing YYT in Zobe Magazine and on Zobe TV Network. YYT is currently preparing to release his mix-tape and video, working on a couple of singles, an EP, and album that will be copy righted and published by Alonzo Black Publishing and distributed via Zobe Records who currently has digital distribution with Universal Music Group. YYT knows that the most important thing to his career is his fans and he appreciates all of his fan's support! YYT signed exclusively to Zobe Records! The next music superstar from the DMV! (DC-MD-VA area) Check out his direct webpage with bio, music, photos, and videos! http://www.ZobeModelsAndTalents.com/yyt.htm Other Links: http://soundcloud.com/ayeraw http://www.reverbnation.com/yytzobe


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