YC Flame

Born Calvin "Y.C." Sutton on November 21.He is a young rapper,singer and actor.He has been rapping since the age of 5 years of old.In class he used to write music as a hobby and always dreamed of becoming famous.He performed his first show with his cousin (anthony sutton) at the age of 7 and loved it ever since.At the age of 11 him and his friends started a rap group called "Dem 614 Boyz"conisting of Smitty b,G-Money and Young Choppaz(Y.C).The group recorded songs just for fun and didnt think anything of it until they started getting recognized for their talent.At the age of 14 changed his stage name from Young Choppaz to Yung-C which is a acronymn that stands for "Young Unrully N*gga Goin' Crazy".He also went solo and started doing his own thing with his music.He performed at all the popular adult and teen clubs in columbus ohio and also opened up for many celebrities he got recognized at malls and was consindered "locally famous".It was then he realized this is what he wants to do for the rest of his life and wasnt going to stop until he was the best.At the age of 16 Yung-C later cut his name short to Y.C. because Yung-C is to common.People ask him what makes him want to be a rapper its because of his love for hip hop music and he dosent want to be like many of his friends that our dead or in jail so he took a different route and wanted to be in the music business like his uncle Marty Sutton who owns his own record label (golden gate) consisting of Y.C's cousin and Marty's son recording artist D.O.E(dorian sutton).Y.C is currently unsigned and is looking to be signed by a major record label.He grinds hard for the deal by promoting his music and staying up untill 4 a.m. every night recording and promoting and still has to get up at 6 to go to school. Y.C is very confident when it comes to his music he feels like he will be the best and no one can ever stop him from doin so.Y.C's music is very versatile and can reachout to many different audiences and ethnicities people tell him that he will make it one day so keep working hard and thats exactly what he does


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