Xzibit News

  • Cover of Top 5 Ridiculous Stunts From MTV's "Pimp My Ride"
    Recently, we felt our childhood selves get pimp slapped back to reality with the forthcoming allegations that MTV's "Pimp My Ride" is guilty of deceiving both its viewers and contestants.
  • Cover of Former Contestants On MTV's "Pimp My Ride" Reveal How Fake The Show Was
    We all know that reality TV is usually pumped up to be a bit more glamorous than things actually are IRL, and this was apparently the case with the old MTV show "Pimp My Ride," hosted by Xzibit.
  • Cover of Xzibit Nabs A DUI On The Way Home From His Wedding
    Most people choose an exotic location for their honeymoon -- The Caribbean, Hawaii, Europe -- but for Xzibit, (at least part of) his first night as a married man was spent behind bars.
  • Cover of Classic Rotation: Dr. Dre's "2001"
    It was 15 years ago today that Dr. Dre released 2001, his 20-track, star-studded, cinematic LP.  “It's a movie, with different varieties of situations. So you've got buildups, touching moments, aggressive moments…It's got everything that a movie needs,” Dre said of the album.
  • Cover of Xzibit Criticizes USAir After Flight Attendant Reports Him To Police
    While Xzibit has mainly been advancing his reality TV and acting career in the past few years, he did release Napalm last year and popped up on a Hit-Boy song quite recently.
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