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Xlusive, born Dmitriy M. Konopatskiy on October 9, 1987, has a unique talent to deliver memorable and entrancing messages through music. Born in Moscow, Russia, residing in Los Angeles, California, Xlusive plans to continue maintaining his Russian mentality within the American culture. At the age of seven, he changed his whole life by coming to America. Now, Xlusive tells his story and does it with a unique style that sticks to your heart and mind. Xlusive considers his life to be very unique (or exclusive) because he feels that he has had many experiences that most cannot compare to. With a simple tweak in the spelling and the memories to back it up, the name “Xlusive” (still pronounced “exclusive”) came to be the alias he most commonly goes by. He produces a deeply meaningful and personal message and delivers it in a polished package he’s been able to develop by studying the fathers of hip-hop. Sprinkling the influences from greats such as Tupac, Nas, Biggie, Jay-Z, Rakim, and AZ and scooping in personal experiences, Xlusive presents himself as an admirer, but also a creator. And if anyone plans to question his potential, he’ll confidently declare “…here’s charity bars, my limit is the sky…” Continuing with the tight-knit mentality of his family, Xlusive stands by the phrase “If one of us makes it, all of us make it.” If and when he becomes successful, he’ll be sure to bring along those who supported and encouraged him along his journey. Keeping with reverence for family and friends, another way of living is described by “Loyalty and Respect.” Xlusive, coming from many different experiences that most others wouldn’t understand, respects each personality and makes sure to value all opinions and individuals equally, regardless of how varying they are from his own or himself. Currently attending Cal Poly Pomona University, Xlusive can be found around campus interacting with many individuals who both take from and contribute to his talents. Knowing the difficulties of coming up in the game, he keeps his eye on the prize and proudly proclaims “I am Xlusive.”


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