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It was the summer of 1997, when Rome (Xcessive Noiz Ent CEO/Artist), discovered the gift that God had given him. Destined not only to expose the gifts and the talents of Gods kingdom, but Rome is also called to be a “light” for todays generation. In 1998, Christian Hope Center Church, in Woodbridge, Virginia (which is now Victory Christian Ministry International) held a Youth Jam for the youth in the area. During this event, at the age of 14, Rome delivered his first song, collaborating with his other group members. This event not only showed the church that God had anointed Gospel Hip Hop, but it was also a confirmation to Rome himself, that God had a powerful calling on his life. “Forgive me for the Robbery… the unlawful wounding Wreckless driving, possession and distributing Grand and petty larceny, that credit card theft I’m admitting to it all, I don’t think its nothing left!” Throughout the years of 1999 and 2003, the genre of hip hop began to change and so did the life of Rome. Growing up in a single-parent household and lacking the father-figure that was necessary for his growth, Rome began to explore “the life in the streets” (drinking, getting high, fornicating, selling drugs, committing multiple robberies, fighting and cursing). At this point, gospel hip hop was “out the window” and a more secular (hard core) hip hop began to evolve in the heart of Rome. April of 2003, Rome was arrested for Robbery, Unlawful Wounding, Conspiracy, Credit Card Theft, Grand Larceny and petty larceny….a total of five felonies and one misdemeanor. After going back and forth to court for 15 months, fighting to get a second chance to be a productive citizen, at the age of 20, Rome was sentenced to 4 years in Viriginia’s Department of Corrections (the State Penitentary). “Living for today, I ain’t looking for tomorrow And I count it all joy when the struggle gets hard…. Its like I got a whole ‘nother set of eyes, I’m seeing things different, and it aint no surpise….” During his years of incarceration, Rome was able to rehabilitate himself through the reading of God’s Word, and by faithfully attending church services within the Prison System. Powhatan Correction Center, located in State Farm, VA, is a medium/maximum security level prison. On a scale from 1 to 6 (1 being the less amount of security and 6 being “super maximum” security), Powhatan is a level 3-4 facility. It held inmates serving a little as 1 year to convicts who are serving life sentences and have earned their way to a lower level camp through good behavior. In the fall of 2005, Powhatan held a “junior Olympics” event that was outdoors on the rec yard. During the event there was a live band (inmates) who played instruments and sang some of today’s most popular songs. There was a PA system with microphones, keyboards and a drumset that the inmates were able to learn to play while serving time. During the entertainment portion of the event, they offered an “open mic” to all artists who wanted to rap or sing. While watching the event and holding back like the rest, someone shoved Rome from behind, causing him leap forward in front of a massive crowd of 1200 inmates. At this point, the host is looking at Rome and yells on the microphone, “HEY, YOU WANNA RAP MAN???” Looking around at the faces of murders, robbers, hustlers and etc…Rome responded with a smirk, “sure….” It was at that moment, Rome realized not only did the church enjoy his gift, but the inmates in the penitentiary needed it! They needed inspiration! “ I don’t really wanna blow smoke no more, ride through the hood and sell coke no more Cant see myself going to court no more, I don’t really wanna do 4 no more Gotta stop now cant go no more, got what I need I ain’t broke no more Believe me God…”quote unquote”, Xcessive Noiz aint a joke no more!” October 2006, Rome was released after serving 3 years and 8 months. Starting over from scratch, he returned to his former church in Woodbridge, VA. While incarcerated, Rome educated himself (through the help of his father who sent him material through the mail) on how to build a recording studio. He got the basic understanding of Audio recording and in June of 2007, Xcessive Noiz Entertainment was birthed. “Still got a dream And I’m still tryna chase it Still racin time, and I aint tryna waste it Born half blind but I still got a vision Still pushin on with this gift I was given” Xcessive Noiz Entertainment is just a title so people can identify what Rome is doing. Rome is a “one man band” (sole proprietor) with a calling by God. He plays multiple roles…from CEO to marketing director, from the artist to the engineer and he is Xcessive Noiz’s only spokesman/representative. Over the past 5 years, Rome has taught himself the art of recording. He has learned to not only record himself, but he has learned how “mix down” his own vocals using Audio Recording software. He has also released a number of demo’s and mixtapes in the Washington DC area, Fayetteville NC, Vidalia GA, Columbus OH and Melbourne FL. As of today, Rome CEO/Artist of Xcessive Noiz Ent, will continue to spread the Truth about Christ and sharing his testimony of how good God has been, and how good He still is! The vision of Xcessive Noiz Ent is to “expose the gifts and the talents of God’s kingdom, while tearing down the walls of the enemy with Xcessive Noiz”! I still got a dream, like Martin Luther King, Still screaming VICTORY, the struggle aint a thang, Still so thankful, God’s been good! You still don’t get it cuz ya’ll aint hood! “I believe, in order to know that God is truly a good God, you have to go through something. You won’t know what a Victory is, if you have never endured the struggle. When God delivered me, I told Him that I would share my testimony with the world, so here I come!”


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