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  • Cover of 50 Cent's Son Takes Photo With Floyd Mayweather
    50 Cent's son continues to bro down with his father's enemies. Marquise Jackson seems to have inherited the troll gene from Fif, deciding to take a unique approach to rebelling against his father.
  • Cover of Lil Wayne Attempts To Fight Marcos Maidana's Trainer After Floyd Mayweather Fight
    As you probably saw, Lil Wayne had the opportunity to escort Floyd Mayweather to the ring where he fought Marcos Maidana this past Saturday night. Weezy F also performed his new single "Believe Me" for the very first time while walking Mayweather to the ring.
  • Cover of Lil Wayne Performs "Believe Me" For The First Time While Walking Floyd Mayweather To The Ring
    Hip-hop was out in full force yesterday during big boxing matches between Adrien Broner and Carlos Molina, and Floyd Mayweather and Marcos Maidana.
  • Cover of Rick Ross Performed "Box Chevy" While Walking Adrien Broner To The Ring
    Rick Ross seems to be popping up all over the boxing world today. After he and 2 Chainz were spotted escorting Floyd Mayweather to his weigh-in earlier today, Rozay showed up again less than an hour ago walking Adrien Broner to the ring and even performing his track "Box Chevy" on the way.
  • Cover of George Zimmerman Boxing Match With DMX Cancelled [Update: Now Promoter Says It's Not Cancelled]
    Although no one really thought it was a good idea to begin with, people were disappointed to learn that the Boxing Match between DMX and George Zimmerman has been cancelled. The promoter, Damon Feldman, announced via twitter:
  • Cover of DMX Talks About Upcoming Fight With George Zimmerman
    For some it's borderline offensive, for others it's completely offensive, but for all the notion of an upcoming "Celebrity" (since when does shooting an unarmed kid warrant celebrity status?) boxing match with none other than the ferocious DMX is transfixing.
  • Cover of DMX To Fight George Zimmerman In Celebrity Boxing Match [Update: Not Yet Official]
    It’s official! X gon’ give it to George Zimmerman. The former security guard, acquitted for the death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, will go head-to-head versus DMX in a celebrity boxing match.
  • Cover of George Zimmerman Is Game to Box With Game
    Since George Zimmerman agreed to participate in a "Celebrity" boxing match, Game has come forward as a volunteer to fight him in the ring saying, and we quote, he's "beat the fuck out him." DMX also came forward, offering to "piss on him," but that is another story.
  • Cover of DMX Wants To Fight & "Piss On" George Zimmerman
    Earlier this week, it was revealed that George Zimmerman would be participating in a celebrity boxing match, but his opponent was yet to be determined. Unsurprisingly, it seems there's quite a lineup of people who wouldn't mind giving Trayvon Martin's killer a pummeling, rappers not excluded.
  • Cover of Game Would Like George Zimmerman To Fight Him In A Celebrity Boxing Match
    Game is known to sport a short fuse and pack a mean punch. However this time, he has a victim in mind: the notorious George Zimmerman, of national Trayvon Martin infamy.
  • Cover of Usher To Play Sugar Ray Leonard In Upcoming Boxing Film
    Hopefully Usher's r'n'b singing and dancing skills translate well into the art of boxing. The singer has been tapped for an upcoming film, where he'll play boxer Sugar Ray Leonard. The film, titled "Hands Of Stone," is about boxer Roberto Duran.
  • Cover of LL Cool J To Narrate Floyd Mayweather Documentary
    LL Cool J's took to the ring in his iconic "Mama Said Knock You Out" video, and now he'll be lending his lady-charming voice to the narration of one of the upcoming documentary on boxing champion Floyd Mayweather.
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