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Rodney "Wod Reiwdo" Clark was born on June 18, 1989 in Philadelphia, PA. Wod's life is the same blueprint of a young black child living in a bad environment but a different story. Grew up without a father who was a drug dealer, a disability mother, and a grandma who struggles to put food on the table for Wod and his mother. His grandmother was marry to a guy who was a father figure to Wod when he was a child but was in and out of his life messing with other women and decide to leave when Wod was 11 and never came back. Not knowing what to do when he graduated high school, Wod attended CCP for one semester and realize college is not for him. So he decided to try acting by auditioning to short films. When he was not getting calls back, Wod made a decision to be behind the scenes on music with artists that were friends. Due to the lack of seriousness with these artists led Wod to stop working with them and music by of early 2012. Wod was in the lowest stage of his life. With so much going on at time, he felt like quitting life. After long prayers, reading the bible, and hard thinking, he came to the conclusion that he wants to come back in the music scene but as an artist. He decide to name himself, "Wod Reiwdo" because of his speech implement, and people find him weird for not following what the world is doing. And for that, he always want people to know that he's "Worldly Free". Every word that has a "R's" he say it with a "W" and his "W's" he say it with a "R". Even tho. he doesn't have a gifted voice but he has a gift of telling stories. That being say, he will find a way to bless his talent to the world. He took the time to experiment his voice to create a raspy rock sound that led him into making alternative rock/pop music. He also raps and is not afraid to explore different music as long there is a story or message to it. In 2013, he will premiere his single to the world called, "Front Row Tickets" with a music video. Also his EP album which is coming soon this year. His goal is to be heard, inspired people to follow their dreams, take care of his mom and grandmother, and to finally be happy living life. Relcome to his Rowld called, "Worldly Free". Where you follow no man on earth, just be yourself.


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