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"Who Is Dj-V That M-A-N-I-A-C!" ………A quote said by rapper Dj-V, a quote he says as something legendary, something to really remember. This young artist is a loose cannon of bars and has his targets locked on the industry and everyone in it. Dj-V has a very creative mind whenever it comes to writing songs or just making music period. He reigns from Western California and has been living in Cincinnati, Ohio for half his life, the other half was spent in Western California. At 18 years old he climbs through everything such as problems with family and graduating from high school. He started writing lyrics when he was 14 in the 9th grade, after a rough hard day at school he took the power in his own hands and walked into a new was called Hip-Hop, throughout every year he wrote material and kept his dream alive and so far its heart hasnt stopped at all. With a arsenal of lyrics and a mind to create more and more of them he strives to demolish the ones who doubted him and make music history forever. This is an artist than can rap about anything he wants and still make it hot enough to hit any radio across the country, so once you hear either a freestyle or original song, be prepared to be blown away by every bar he spits as he conquers any beat that is given and causes a lyrical catastrophe that no one could ever contain


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